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To our wonderful Trixie friends - your help is needed!

(as posted on the Trixie Belden Message Board by April, Diann, Lynn and Cathy P.)

This board has been a huge part of our lives since that blessed day we discovered it. It has been the vehicle for us being able to meet our fellow Trixie-philes and become fast friends with so many. We can now proudly say we have "best buddies" all over the country and all over the world! But we need to be careful with each other’s feelings to preserve the wonderful "all for one and one for all" bond we share. A simple reminder to "do unto others" will help. No one likes to be ignored, please don't let someone's post hang there with no replies! Also when replying to a post, be sure the tone is one that you would like to see as a reply to your own post, especially when there's a differing opinion. Last, if you do have an issue or concern, please talk it over privately with the poster, for so often, hurt feelings stem from misunderstandings and can be worked out and feelings mended.

The third purpose is to let you how discouraged many of the fanfic authors have become recently with the lack of response to stories. Many of us don’t seem to realize how the writers pour their hearts into their stories--working on them during their lunch hours, early in the mornings and late at night, often taking away from their family time to write. How writers agonize over every scene, every word, every nuance, hoping to make things just right; spending hours on the internet, talking to friends, and discussing points with experts just to make the stories both factual and interesting. Then finally getting to the point of submitting it, praying as they click "Send" that the readers will like it! Only if it’s happened to you can you really know how disheartening it is that even though there are about a hundred people on the board, your story only got a couple of responses! Each time an author realizes from the lack of interest shown that her hard work was unappreciated, it
tears out a little piece of her heart. The sad thing is that most likely we enjoyed the story, we just failed to let the author know.

We realize several things. One, with the influx of so many new people, a lot of new writers came on board as well. Fanfic that used to be a once-in-a-while occurrence has become an almost common event, so maybe it isn't quite as appreciated. Two, we all have times when we become swamped with work at home or in the workplace and family activities that we don't always have time to read fanfic. But when we do, please take a little extra time to go to the board and respond. Even if it's just "Thanks for the story. I appreciate your doing this for us.” This means so much and does a lot to bond us together. Writers, please realize that a smaller response may only be a reflection of adult themes and the ratings factor, not the quality of your story. Everyone, please realize stories come from an appreciation for Trixie and a wish to share that appreciation with us, please don't ignore a story if at all possible.

We sincerely hope that this post has been taken in the way in which it was meant--that is to bring about a sense of awareness and appreciation - to reaffirm the love of Trixie and the Trixie spirit that bonds us together as Trixie friends. Trixie friends are wonderful! We treasure your friendship!

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