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Growing Up Fast

by Yiva




“I just don’t understand what your deal is!”  Bobby Belden brushed angrily at a blond curl flopping from his forehead, trailing behind his girlfriend.

“Just leave me alone, Bobby Belden!”  Delaney screamed back, running into the girls’ bathroom.

“Laney- -“ he faltered and turned to his two best friends, Larry and Terry Lynch. “What is her deal?  I don’t get it,” Bobby remarked.

“Trouble in paradise, Bro?” Terry asked his friend, falling into step beside him,

“You could say that- but I have no idea what I did,” Bobby shrugged helplessly. “Everything was fine on Monday, and then Tuesday she went nuts. And it’s been like this all week.  I have no idea what happened.  I didn’t miss her birthday; I didn’t miss our anniversary.  I have absolutely no idea what is wrong!”

“Well, I think you had better figure it out soon, or you will be showing up to prom stag tomorrow night,”  Larry offered.

“Yeah, I know. I’ll talk to her later I guess,” Bobby decided as the bell rang signaling class had started.

Little Bobby Belden wasn’t so little anymore.  At 6’ 5”, he was the tallest Belden.  He was a senior in the Sleepyside Senior Junior High.  Also, he was in the top of his class, was heading off to NYU in the fall, and he hoped to become a lawyer one day.

Bobby had been dating Delaney Delaware on and off for almost four years.  He had thought everything was going fine.  Now, he wasn’t so sure.

“Don’t sweat it, Bob, I’m sure it’s all a very simple explanation,” Terry comforted his friend with a quick squeeze on his opposing shoulder.

“Yeah, I hope so.  Gleeps!  I am going to be late for Calc II!”  Bobby took off down the hall towards the classroom.

“Calc II, I tell you that boy is insane… and Trig gave me trouble!”  Larry sighed.

“I know,”  His twin agreed.

*  *  *  *

“So, you’re sure then?”  April Johnson asked her friend.

“Yes, I’m sure”  Delaney snapped.

“Are you just going to ignore him, and hope that he gets the message then?  How many times has he texted you?”  The two girls were currently in economics and Delaney’s phone had been silently vibrating in her pocket for the last twenty minutes.

“I don’t know.  I haven’t checked.  I’ve been taking notes.”

“Are you going to tell him?”  April pressed.

“Yes, no, I don’t know.  What am I supposed to say, ‘I think we need to break up for reasons I don’t feel like explaining to you?’”  Delaney shook her head, “Yeah that would go over well.”

“You can’t just ignore him and hope he gets the hint.  I mean, he’s smart and all, but he’s still a boy,”  April decided.

Delaney ignored her friend and continued to take notes.

Bobby was waiting for Delaney when class got out.  “Go away, Bobby,” Delaney warned.

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”  Bobby said, keeping pace with her.

Delaney ignored the tall blonde and walked faster.  She could have slipped away from him, but when she stopped at her locker he put a hand on either side of her, caging her in.

“If you won’t tell me what’s wrong, will you at least tell me if we’re going to prom together?”

“Fine.”  Delaney snapped, obviously not pleased at the situation.

“Good,” Bobby grinned, “I’ll pick you up at 5:30.”

“Prom doesn’t start until 7:30.”

“We need to talk.”  Bobby replied.  “See you tomorrow then.”  With these parting words, Bobby loped off towards the student parking lot.  Delaney groaned and rubbed a hand across her eyes. How was she going to explain this to Bobby?

*  *  *  * 

Bobby reached his car at the same time as Larry, Terry, Sarah, and Cara Lynch reached theirs.

“Bobby,” Terry hailed the lone Belden, “What’s the verdict?”

“I’m picking her up at 5:30.  We’re going to talk.”  Bobby announced.

“Good deal.  Hey, we have to go to Mart and Di’s later, you wanna come with us?”  Larry asked.

“Naw.  I have to help Moms with some things around the house while Dad’s out of town.  Thanks though.”

“Okay.  We’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye Bobby,” Sarah and Cara sighed in unison.  If Bobby had been more observant he would notice that he was a well sought after guy.

“Bye guys.”  Bobby jumped into his ’99 eclipse.


As the youngest Belden neared his home, he saw the telltale signs of visitors.  Bobby parked in “his” spot and walked toward his house.

“Unca Bobby!  Unca Bobby!”  Bobby was instantly tackled by two dark haired children, one on either side.  Soon he was on the ground.

Staring up, dazed, he heard the voice of the children’s mother admonishing, “Don’t treat Uncle Bobby too rough, or else he won’t be able to read Peter Rabbit to you two.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”  Bobby responded dryly, then realized his impossible position and looked up.  “A little help?”

His older sister laughed and grabbed the two, two-year-olds.   “What will the football team say when I tell them that their star athlete was taken down by two-year-olds.   ?”

“I would have been fine if they didn’t use guerrilla war tactics,” he grumbled good-naturedly as he dusted off his pants unconsciously.  “What are you doing here?”

“Well, if you want us to go, I guess I’ll pack up and head home,” Trixie sniffed.

“No, no, I mean, I thought you guys weren’t supposed to be her until Sunday.”

“And miss your senior prom, little brother?  Not on your life!”

“Aw, Trixie,” Bobby whined, heading into the kitchen.  He took one of his nephews from his sister and grabbed a cookie from the cookie jar.  “Where’s Moms?”

“She ran out to the grocery store to get food.  The rest of the Bob-Whites are coming for dinner as well,” Trixie replied.

“Speaking of, where is Dan the ‘Man’?”

“He and Mart went up to see Regan.”

“Did they exercise the horses?”  Bobby asked hopefully.

“No, actually, Honey, Di, and I took them out.  Terry, Larry, and you are safe.”

“Thanks Trix!”  Bobby exclaimed.  “I better get the rest of my chores done, before everyone shows up.”

Trixie shook her head in amazement as Bobby put his stuff away and pulled on an old sweatshirt, “When did you become so responsible?”

“Don’t know,” Bobby answered cheerfully, “maybe I got the genes that skipped you.”

“Funny,” Trixie said dryly.  “I’d offer to help but I have to put Finn and Harper down for a nap.”

“I’ll be quiet then.”

“Thank you.”

As Bobby began picking up the front yard he was struck with how much things had changed.  Trixie and Dan were married, had been since her twentieth birthday.  They had two, two-year-olds  that they had adopted.  Dan was a cop, and Trixie was a detective, along with Honey.  Brian and Honey were engaged to be married this summer.  Brian was finishing up his residency to be a pediatrician.  Those four lived in the city.  Mart and Di had married last summer.  Di was a kindergarten teacher and Mart was a fireman in Sleepyside. Jim Frayne was married to a girl he met in college.  He was an engineer, and his wife was a teacher.  They lived in Boston.

“…Bobby!”  Bobby snapped out of his daydreaming at his sister’s shout.


“I asked if you needed help with anything,” Trixie laughed.

“No.  I got it.  I’m done actually.”

“Good.  Here comes Moms.”  Trixie nodded down the long driveway.

“And there’s Mart and Dan.”  Bobby pointed to the two men who were walking down the hill.

“Dan, Mart!”  Bobby loped over to greet the two men.

“Geez, Bobby!  When are you going to stop growing?”  Dan asked, looking up at his youngest brother-in-law.

“I’ve been this tall for the last 2 years at least,” The youngest Belden snorted.

“Is Reagan coming?”  Mrs. Belden asked as she handed bags to her boys.

“Yeah, he’ll be here in about half an hour.  And Honey is waiting for Jim and Rachel.  They called and said they would be here within the hour.  Brian also called and he said he would be here in twenty minutes.”  Mart explained, bringing the milk into the house.

“And Di?  Where is she?”  Trixie asked.

“She’ll be here shortly.  She had to wait for the twins to drop some things off.


“So, Trixie, why did we all have to gather here?”  Moms asked as the whole expanded Bob-White group lounged in the living room an hour later.

“Dan and I wanted to tell you all that we are looking at places in Sleepyside.  We’re thinking about moving back.”  Trixie smiled, holding Dan’s hand.

“Really?  That’s great!”  Bobby enthusiastically cheered.

“We haven’t found anything yet, but we’re looking,” Dan warned. “We don’t know how long it’s going to be.”

“Still.  That’s great!”  Mart was just as enthusiastic about the idea.

“What about the agency?”  Rachel asked.

“Well, I’m moving back to town in May,” Honey explained. “Brian is going to be taking over the position at the hospital here in town.  So it will all work out.”

“This is going to be so great.”  Di smiled, hugging Harper to her.

“Well, after all this great news, I’m sorry to be the one to break this party up, but I’ve got to get to the station.”  Mart announced after a few moments of contented silence.

“I have to go check on the horses.”  Regan said sadly.

“I’ll help.”  Dan decided.  Jim and Rachel announced they had to leave, as well.  Brian and Honey decided to go for a drive.

“I’m going to work on my homework,” Bobby told his mother as she, Trixie, and Di cleaned up the kitchen.

“Unca Bobby!  Peta’ Rabbit?”  Finn begged.

“Sure, buddy, I’ll read it to you after your mom gets you ready for bed,” Bobby promised.

Finn grinned and nodded his head.  Bobby told them to call him when the twins were ready.

Trixie shook her head as her brother walked out of the kitchen with his Physics notebook in one hand and his Calculus II in the other.

“It’s just so hard to believe,” she finally managed.

“What is, dear?”  Her mother asked.

“Bobby’s graduating this year.  He’s grown up.  He isn’t six anymore,” Trixie shook her head sadly.

“He hasn’t been six for a while.”  Mrs. Belden laughed.

“I know what you mean, Trix,” Di said, “It’s hard to believe the twins are graduating too.”

“Where did the time go?”  Trixie wondered sadly.

*  *  *  *

“You have your tux?”  Dan asked Bobby the next morning over breakfast.

“Not yet, I’m going to pick it up as soon as I’m done eating.”

“Sounds good.”

“What does Delaney’s dress look like?”  Trixie asked.

“I dunno.  It’s blue,”  Bobby offered unhelpfully.

“You are hopeless!” Trixie laughed. “Is it strapless? Spaghetti straps? Halter?”

“I think it might be strapless.  I don’t know.”

“Boys,” Trixie rolled her eyes to Honey, who had come for breakfast.

“He could be worse; he could have forgotten what color it was,” Honey decided.

“This is true,” Trixie agreed.

“What are your plans for the day, Dad?”  Brian asked Dan, who was helping Harper eat.

“I thought me and the boys would sit around, watch a little TV.  Maybe play with our blocks.”  Dan answered gleefully.

“Sounds like fun,” Brian said honestly.

“We were maybe going to take the kids out to see Maypenny, too.”  Trixie reminded her husband, thinking fondly of the old man.  There wouldn’t be many more chances to visit him.

“Yes, that too.”  Dan agreed, smiling sadly at the thought of the grandfather figure in his life.

The group at the table continued on with their idle chitchat for the remainder of the breakfast.  Then, Bobby stood from the table as his phone vibrated on the counter.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Hey B.  We’re going to town, you wanna come with us?” Terry Lynch asked.

“Sure.  You guys on your way yet?”

“Yeah, we’ll be there in three minutes.”  Terry promised.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Bobby bid a hasty adieu to the seven people seated around the table and grabbed his jacket.  He returned home a couple hours later, tux in hand.  He played some pickup basketball with Dan and Brian. Then, he read to his nephews for a while, helped Honey make cookies, did a load of laundry for his mother, and raked the yard.  His day was quite productive.

*  *  *  *

“Bobby, you had better hurry up if you’re supposed to pick Laney up at 5:30,” Trixie called up the stairs.

“Coming, coming,” Bobby called down as he descended.  “What do you guys think?”

Mrs. Belden wiped a tear from her eye.  Brian grinned and slapped his brother on the back.

“Just a suggestion, but you might look even more amazing, if you tied your tie,” Dan suggested.

“It’s a fashion statement,” Bobby remarked as Trixie adjusted his tie.

“Well, I don’t want your fashion statement to say ‘dork’.”  Trixie replied.

“Okay, what do you guys think, now?” he asked, striking a model’s pose.

“Like a million bucks!” Dan shouted out.

“Thanks.  Well, I’m off to pick up my date.  You are all coming to the Grand March right?”

“We’ll be there,” Dan promised firmly, indicating himself, Trixie, Mart, and Di.

“Great! I’ll see you guys there,” Bobby cheerfully replied.  He dashed a look in the mirror by the door and loped easily out to his car.

*  *  *  *

Bobby glanced at his clock before getting out of the vehicle to knock on Laney’s door.

Delaney’s mom answered the door, she smiled brightly at Bobby.  “Laney will be right down.”

“Okay, thanks.”  Bobby answered.  Mr. Delaware gave Bobby a hard look.

“Good evening, Robert.”

“Mr. Delaware.”  Bobby responded, meekly.

Mr. Delaware’s dark mustache twitched and he chuckled. “Good to see you Bobby.”

“It’s been a long time.”

Just then the two were interrupted by a throat being cleared.  In the classic prom scene, Bobby looked up the stairs.  Delaney was standing at the landing.  Her dress was blue.  It was midnight blue with black and silver beading on it.  It was also strapless.

“Hi.”  The two teens breathed at the same time.

“You look really nice,” Bobby gushed without thinking.

“Thanks,” Delaney grinned as she arrived down beside him. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“You kids have fun, now,” said Mrs. Delaware as they existed the front door arm in arm. “We’ll see you at the Grand March,” Mr. Delaware promised, calling after them.

Bobby carefully escorted Laney to the passenger side of the car.

“Where are we going?”  Laney asked, carefully.

“I thought that the club would be a good place to eat,” Bobby answered, glancing at her to see if it would be okay.

“That would be fine.”

“Great.”  Bobby answered, and then he lapsed into a nervous silence.

At the club, the two ate in silence, occasionally commenting on the weather, various peoples’ outfits, and discussing school.  Bobby paid the bill and they were headed out to the car when Delaney suddenly turned to Bobby and said four words that are never good to hear in a relationship, “We need to talk.”





“Where is he?  I don’t see them anywhere.”  Trixie craned her neck to look around the auditorium.

“Trix, he’s probably out in the hall.  Relax,” Dan squeezed his wife’s hand.

“In this case I am inclined to agree with my sister,” Mart muttered to his wife.  “Bobby said he was after Larry, but before Terry.  There is Larry.  And there, is Terry.”

“Dan’s probably right you two,” Di whispered as the lights dimmed.

“I never thought I would see the day when Trixie and Mart were the ones doing the worrying,” Dan chuckled.

Instead of answering, both Trixie and Mart maturely stuck their tongues out at their respective spouses.

“Shh!”  A voice hissed behind the four adults who were laughing.  Properly subdued, the four fell into companionable silence as couples were announced.

A teacher walked onto the stage.  She was plainly dressed, in a black skirt and dark purple blouse, but she smiled brilliantly at the crowd.

“Thank you all for coming.  I would like to introduce our emcees for the evening.  Emily Brown escorted by Kevin Linke.”

A girl in a dark purple dress stepped on to the stage from one side while a boy in a tux with a matching dark purple vest danced laughingly on to the stage, from the other side.  They smiled at the crowd before taking their spots behind the podium.

They began with the long list of names.  Finally they came to “Tiffany O’Connell escorted by Larry Lynch.”

The Bob-Whites whistled and clapped as the audience clapped.  Larry winked cheekily at his friends and family, and whipped a camera from his pocket, and snapped a photo back at the audience while they snapped pictures of them.

“Delaney Delaware escorted by Bobby Belden.” The crowd clapped.  No one appeared.  Emily read the names off again.  Nothing.

“Uh… Teagan Mathews escorted by Terry Lynch.”  Kevin continued.  The crowd gave an unsure clap, but the clap strengthened as Terry and Teagan stepped happily onto the stage.

“Okay, now I’m worried.”  Dan muttered to Trixie.

*  *  *  *

Bobby stared at his steering wheel.  He had just dropped Laney off.  They had told her parents.  They weren’t pleased.  No, that was an understatement, they were livid.  Mrs. Delaware had dissolved into tears.  Mr. Delaware did a lot of yelling.  He had calmed down somewhat by the time Bobby left.  Mrs. Delaware was still crying, though.

Bobby had just about made up his mind that he should go home, it was late.  He was sitting in the park behind Wimpy’s diner.  His family was probably worried.  They had left tens of thousands of messages on his phone.  He knew he had to talk to his parents.  He turned the key in the ignition just as his phone went off, the familiar ringtone of one of his best friends, and probably the only person he could talk to at a moment like this.  He flipped it open with hardly a second thought.


“Bobby?  Where are you?  Your family is going crazy looking for you, they called the Delawares… Terry’s concerned voice filled his ear.


“Mrs. Delaware said you’d gone home an hour ago.  We’ve been leaving messages.  Where are you?  What’s going on?  You and Laney never showed.”

“I left my phone in the car.  I was doing something.”

“Bobby- man, tell me where you are.  Larry and I will come get you.  Just, tell me where you are.”

“No.  It’s not worth it.  I’m heading home now.  Um, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bob-“ Terry was cut off as Bobby closed the phone.

“Well, he’s headed home anyway,” Larry commented to his twin as the two boys headed back into the school.  “He didn’t show up, and he got Prom king and everything.  He’s going to be bummed he missed this.”

“Somehow, I think Bobby has more on his mind then being Prom King, right now.”  Terry stated.

*  *  *  *

“Moms, Dad?”  Bobby pushed open the kitchen door glumly.  In an instant his entire family was swarming over him asking questions and demanding answers.

“Bobby, are you ok?  Where were you?  We were so worried!”  Mrs. Belden fussed.

“Robert Michael Belden, you had better have one WHOPPER of an excuse for worrying your mother like this.”  Mr. Belden thundered.  He had returned earlier that night.

“I-I -No.  Not really.  I’m sorry.  I-I...No.”  Bobby shook his head tiredly.

“Bobby, are you ok?”  Mrs. Belden placed a maternal hand on Bobby’s cheek, and she looked at Bobby with such worry that Bobby immediately felt three thousand times worse.

“Moms.  I’m fine.  I’m just, really sorry.”  Bobby looked behind his parents and saw the looks on his siblings’ faces.  “And, I’m sorry for worrying you guys too.  I, I need to talk to Moms and Dad alone.”  Bobby looked around at the faces of his family, and he didn’t know how he was going to break this to them.

“I’ll be in my room.”  He ducked his head and headed for the stairs, out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw Trixie reach out for him, before stopping herself.

*  *  *  *

“What do you think is going on down there?”  Trixie gestured impatiently towards the window to where Crabapple Farm lay.  The older Belden children and their spouses were all up at the Wheeler house.

“Trixie, there’s no way of knowing.”  Honey said, calmly placing a comforting hand on Trixie’s shoulder.  Jim and Rachel had gone to the city earlier that day.  Mart and Dan were sitting in the center of the room talking in hushed tones.  Brian paced back and forth between the library and the room they all occupied.  Di had been up in the nursery checking on Finn and Harper.  She came into the room presently.

“I talked to Terry and Larry.  They said that Bobby was fighting with Delaney about something.  Bobby didn’t even know what.  Maybe they broke up?”

“That could be it.  But, why would-“  Trixie broke off mid-sentence and stared out the window.  She could picture her dad pacing in front of the window, much like Brian.

“Well, I don’t know why Moms would be so upset about- OH!  You don’t think-”  Honey stopped talking in shock.  Dan and Mart nodded.  Di and Brian’s eyes went big with understanding.

“What?”  Trixie demanded.

“Um, Trix, have you thought that maybe…” Mart spoke from the center of the room.

“Thought what?”

“Trixie, honey, maybe Delaney’s pregnant,” Dan suggested carefully, coming over to his wife.

“What? No!  They- He- she—couldn’t-- NO!”  Trixie sputtered.

“I’ll kill him, if that’s what happened.  I will kill him.”  Brian muttered.  “Doesn’t he know…”

*  *  *  *

“Mom, Dad.  Um, Laney’s pregnant, and…”  Bobby trailed into silence.

“What?”  Mrs. Belden was the first to speak.

“She’s pregnant.”

“How, could this happen?”  Mrs. Belden sputtered.


“I’d be very careful when thinking about answering that question, young man.”  Mr. Belden warned.

“Sorry, sir.”

“Well, something will have to be done.  Have you told the Delawares’ yet?”  Peter Belden asked, as he stood and paced.

“Yes, we told them tonight.  I just found out, and I told her we had to tell you guys.  And then we told her parents, and she was going to come with me, to tell you, and we wanted to tell you all together, but I told her I would tell you.  Moms, I’m sorry.  Please don’t cry.”  Bobby whispered grabbing his mother’s hand.

“We should all get together to talk this out.”

“I know.  I said we’d be out there tomorrow.”

“Okay.  Well, then.  It’s late.  We’ll talk more about this in the morning.”  Peter took his wife’s hand and led her from the room.

“He’s only a boy still.  How could he do this?  He’s throwing away his future, and hers.”  Mrs. Belden wept in the hall.

“I know, honey, I know,” Peter soothed, wrapping his arms around his wife. “We’ll figure this out though.  It will be okay.  I’m not sure how, right now, but it will.”

*  *  *  *

Bobby awoke early the next morning.  He thought about all the disappointed faces of his family and Delaney’s family.  His phone rang on his bedside table, startling him.



“Yeah, Laney?  Are you okay?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you, that?  Your family called looking for you last night.  Are you sure, you’re fine with all of this?”

“What?  Of course.  Laney, I love you.  I’m not turning my back on you.  But I better go.  We’ll see your family this afternoon.”

“Yeah.  See you then, Bobby.”

*  *  *  *

“Trixie!”  Trixie snapped out of her trance at the sound of Bill Regan’s voice.

“Sorry, Regan, what was that?”

“What’s the matter with you kids?  Bobby was in here a half hour ago, and I couldn’t get more than a “yes” or “no” out of him.  I just asked how the boys were.  Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, sorry, Regan.  I guess my mind’s not in this right now.  The boys are great.  They were begging to be brought with, but Dan and Brian decided to take them with to the house that we’re looking into buying.  I think we’re going to get it.  It’s perfect.”  Trixie smiled wobbly at her old friend.  “You said Bobby was out here, do you know where he went?”

“Yeah, he was here brushing out Starlight.  I asked him how Prom went.  He said it wasn’t like any prom he’d ever been to.  I didn’t understand him.  I asked if he was going for a ride, he said no and that he was going for a walk.  He said he was supposed to stick around home.  You sure everything is okay?”

“Yeah.  I think so anyway.”  Trixie smiled again, “If Honey ever makes her way down here, will you tell her that I took the left trails?”

“Yeah, I’ll let her know, Trix.”

“Thanks Regan, you are the best.”  Trixie impulsively hugged the red headed man, and led Suzy from the stable.

Regan watched her go, shaking his head.

*  *  *  *

Brian and Honey were at Mart and Di’s later in the day.  The four adults were playing cards, but they all kept shooting glances towards the phone.

“Enough!”  Di exclaimed.  “Staring at it isn’t going to make it ring any faster.  Trixie said she’d call as soon as the Delawares’ left.”

“I still don’t understand why Bobby asked her and Dan to stay,” Brian grumbled.

“Brian, you know how close he is to Trixie, he just felt like he needed someone to sit with him, not over him.  He views you as a third parent, sometimes,“ Honey told him. “And, it probably didn’t help that you exploded on him over his eggs and pancakes this morning.”

“Yeah, well maybe if I had been with him, we wouldn’t be having this…turn of events.  And, I know.  I shouldn’t have yelled at him, especially since Dad and Moms told me not to.”

“Shut up; this isn’t a problem,” Mart decided.  “This is an accident.  We can’t yell at him.  I mean, I guess we could, but it wouldn’t do a lot of good.  We need to support them.”

“You’re right.”  Brian agreed.

*  *  *  *

“I’ll see you tomorrow, at school.  We’ll get through this.”  Bobby walked Laney out to the car, gently holding her hand.  Her parents were still settling something with the Beldens’.

“Does it feel like we just handed our lives over to someone else?”  Laney asked.

“Well, we kind of did, for the next 18 years,”  Bobby replied.

“We’re going to be parents”  Laney whispered.

“Yeah, I guess we are.”  Bobby agreed.  “I’ll see you tomorrow.  Love you.”  He kissed her cheek and shut the door as she slid into the vehicle.

“Love you, too,” Laney said.

Bobby nodded respectfully to the Delawares as they got into the car before returning inside.

“Thanks for sticking with me, Trixie, Dan,” Bobby told the two as they came into the kitchen, each carrying a two-year-old.

“No problem Bobby.” Trixie promised.  “Brian called; he said he was sorry for yelling at you, at breakfast.  I told them it was okay to come back.  Terry’s looking for you, too.”

“Okay, thanks Trixie.  I suppose I should apologize to Brian too.”

“Yeah, probably.”

“Unca’ Bobby!  Peta’ Rabbit?”  Finn begged, pathetically.

“Yeah.  Okay, come on, buddy.”  Bobby said, sweeping the toddler up into his arms.  “I’ll talk to Terry later.”


“Bobby.  I just wanted to say that I was sorry for yelling at you.  You don’t need that.  And I respect that you are staying with her.  I love you, Bobby, you’re my baby brother, and I don’t want to fight with you,” Brian said as he stepped into the house.

“It’s okay, Brian, I understand that as the oldest sibling you were always watching out for us and this turn of events makes you feel powerless and has you reacting in an angry manner.  I get it.”  Bobby replied.  “And I, in turn, am sorry for taking the trust you and our parents bestowed on me, and uh, abused it.”

Brian stared at Bobby for a few seconds before pulling him into a hug.

“What are you doing?  You never hug me.” Bobby squirmed.

“Bobby!  We are having a moment!  Hug me!”  Brian demanded, wrapping his arms around his littlest brother.

“Aww, look Trix, they’re bonding!  I want in on this!”  Mart laughed as he walked into the living room carrying a plate of cookies from the kitchen.

“Ooh!  Moms look!  Dad get the camera, they’re all actually hugging each other!” Trixie giggled.

The boys looked around at their sister before getting an evil look in their eye, soon Trixie found herself wrapped tightly in what Mart was gleefully referring to as a “Trixie and Bobby sandwich”.

Mr. and Mrs. Belden laughed at their children as Honey and Di came into the room to investigate the commotion.

Dan walked into the room, holding his two sons.  Finn gave his father a confused look.

“Don’t look at me.  I just got here.”



Thank you very much to Zap for allowing me to post this on this website!  And also a million thank you’s to Emuntalee for editing my story and for all of her help!

Thank you so much!  I hope to have more soon.

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