Assorted Paper Dolls

Fashions of the Gilded Age by Tom Tierney (Dover books)

The Gilded Age was that incredibly opulent and affluent time period between the years 1880-1910. This is when the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, et al ruled society. The fashions in this book are to die for, I must say. I am sorry that I can't show them all to you.


Rayearth paper dolls - Rayearth is a Japanese animé and I was lucky enough to be sent these from a doll collector in Japan. (see notes)

L-R, Front and Back covers of the book.


From what I understand, the story is this: three schoolgirls, Umi with the blue hair, Hikaru with the red hair, and Fuu with the glasses, travel to another world where they become superhero types and must battle for a magic crystal helped along by Mokona, the bunny looking creature. Please note, I am very shaky on the details of Rayearth since I have never seen it nor read it.

At left-a page from the book




My Paper Dolls