The Ginghams Paper Dolls

The Ginghams were four little Victorian girls. Were they sisters or cousins? I don't know, but I used to pair them off as siblings with Sarah/Carrie and Becky/Katie as the pairs. Gingham is yarn dyed, plain weaved cotton fabric usually striped or checked (according to my Random House dictionary) so, you can surmise that they got their name because of the clothes they wear.

The Artist: Susan Morris

The Publisher: Whitman (Western Publishing Co.)

The Ginghams (book) 1976

Above: Front and back covers of The Ginghams

The Ginghams at Home and School (book) 1980

The Ginghams visit Grandma (book) 1981

  Becky's Playroom (box)1976            Katie's country Store (box) 1978




    Sarah's Farm (box)1978                          Carrie's Boutique (box)1979



Sarah's Kitchen (box) 1979

My Paper Dolls


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