The following Group Writing Projects are now reopened:

Group Writing Project #2 : Mix Cheez-It with a shrunken head and add a little fog

A broken down car; a stick; Cheez-it; a muddy boot; Trixie's favorite musical group or performer; a cat; fog; a camera; a phone call with just breathing on the line; a shrunken head with a curse

Group Writing Project # 3 : Love is in the air!

Each story is a romance and should include*:

Jell-O gelatin; a favorite candy bar; sundaes; a special event (such as a birthday, holiday, etc.); a favorite movie or T.V. show; a busted vacuum; any piece of jewelry; a small toy; a computer chat room; a Shakespearean quote.

Group Writing Project #6 : It's time for someone besides Trixie to solve a mystery.

Each story must contain the following:

-A character other than Trixie has to do the investigating (although Trixie can still be

-A Disguise scene like the one in Cobbett's Island.

-An urban legend (check out )

-Someone weird ( someone with eccentric behavior or an odd hobby, etc.)

-A cheap meal (bad)

-A bad movie

-A lottery ticket

-A cult

-A high speed chase in/on something other than cars

Since there will be an investigation, it stands to reason that the stories will be mysteries or at least contain a mystery.  Links above are meant to be helpful, but feel free to ignore them. I am not responsible for any of the content found on referenced websites.


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