Artwork by Fans

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Beautiful renderings of the characters by Sheila.

sheilas-art.jpg (109687 bytes)      sheila_bwgs.jpg (150527 bytes)       sheila_bri-bob.jpg (102259 bytes)
Honey, Jim, & Trixie          Dan, Di, & Mart                Brian & Bobby

The above are © 2000-6 by Sheila.

Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush--it's The Sleepysider by April!

sleepysider.jpg (97166 bytes)               Dan_edition.jpg (131474 bytes)                Rebel-1.jpg (59036 bytes)
Jim edition                                 Dan edition                                     Dan--Pg. 6

Concept and design of the above by © 2000-3 by April. New lyrics by April based on He's a Rebel written by Gene Pitney.  Two images below  © 1999-2006 by April.

Two versions of the same great sketch of Trixie by April.

         april1.jpg (44334 bytes)                  april2.jpg (54300 bytes)
Black & White                                       Color

NEW!  What would Jim and Trixie's children look like?  By K. Cockeraham

Art © 2006 by K. Cockerham.


Nice sketch of Dan with Aimée from Angela's stories by Angela.

angela.jpg (78174 bytes)

Art © 1999-2006 by Angela.

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