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The Bob-Whites of the Glen


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Supporting Characters

Helen Belden "Moms" - Trixie's mother, a homemaker (makes the best burgers in the whole world!)

Peter Belden "Dad" - Trixie's father, he has a job at the Sleepyside bank.

Bobby Belden - The youngest Belden is merely six. He is cute as can be, but mischievous.  Could use some speech therapy. ; )

Miss Trask - Honey's former governess, she manages Manor House and keeps an eye on all the Bob-Whites, especially when they travel. A sensible lady; she once taught at private school.  She has  a brother and an invalid sister.  Her first name is Margery.

Sergeant Molinson - This guy is annoyed at Trixie because she solves all the mysteries he can't! First appeared as Officer Molinson in #4.

Mr. Lytell - Cranky and snoopy owner of the grocery store

Mr. Maypenny - The gamekeeper on the Wheeler estate. He arrives in book #5. Dan Mangan lives and works with him. He makes great doughnuts. : )

Bill Regan - The groomsman on the Wheeler estate, simply called "Regan" by everyone. He is Dan's uncle. He is also the focus of #24 The Mystery at Saratoga. He is twenty-two at the start of the series. He seemed older to me when I was a kid! : )

Reddy - The Belden family's Irish setter.(I couldn't leave him out!)

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Recurring Characters(appear in at least two books)

Jonesy - Jim's nasty stepfather who is always up to no-good. He first appeared in #1 and reappeared in #16

Ben Riker - Honey's cousin, a prankster. He first appeared in #2, returned briefly in #5, and he reappeared in #19.

Hallie Belden - Trixie's cousin with whom she has rocky relationship. She arrives on the scene in #17. Hallie also appears along with her brothers in #25, The Sasquatch Mystery. She has a special feeling for Dan Mangan which he returns.

Juliana Maasden - Jim Frayne's cousin. She's at the center of the mystery in #16 and gets married in #17.

Nick Roberts - Nick is a schoolmate of the B.W.G.s and an aspiring artist. He first appears in #20. He reappears in book #35 and he also makes an appearance in the short story The Case of the Two Winners in Mystery Quiz book #2..

Mrs. Vanderpoel - One of Trixie's neighbors outside of Sleepyside. A very kind old lady who makes yummy cookies. She is in several books, most notably #7.

Tom and Celia Delanoy - Celia is the Wheelers' maid. Tom Delanoy was hired as their chauffeur at the end of #3 and he and Celia later marry and make their home in the red trailer Robin.

Harrison - The Lynches' butler. He is very prim and proper. He appears in #4 The Mysterious Visitor, but is let by the Lynches (through no fault of his own) and then rehired later.  Harrision is prominently featured  in The Mystery of the Headless Horseman.

Bob and Barbara Hubbell - Twins from Iowa who appear in #9 The Happy Valley Mystery and again in #12 The Mystery of the Blinking Eye.

Ned Schulz - Handsome star basketball player in Iowa, appears in #9 The Happy Valley Mystery. Ned appears again in #12 The Mystery of the Blinking Eye.

Spider Webster - A Sleepyside police officer, appears in #4 & #7 among others. Has a brother Tad.

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