GWP #4: The Road Trip

The Bob-Whites set off on a road trip across the United States and wind up going to Australia as well. This is a round robin story, each section written by a different person. As each segment is completed, the link will be added below. What follows is the complete itinerary.  e-mail Zap no_u1.gif (1387 bytes)

Introduction by Amy

Westchester County by Hilary added 9-12-99

Washington, DC and Williamsburg by Susan added 9-28-99

Knoxville, TN by Julianne added 10-11-99

Montgomery, AL by Diann added 10-21-99

San Antonio, TX by Karen C. added 10-27-99

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX by Deb added 11-09-99

Provo/Salt Lake City, UT by Bethlorr added 4-03-00

Los Angeles, CA by Mark added 4-14-00

Melbourne, Australia by Sandra and Sarah added 6-20-00

Ballarat, Australia by Tan added 7-14-00

Perth, Australia by Meagan added 1-23-01

Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ by Zap added 4-04-01

Las Cruces, NM/Des Moines, IA/Reedsburg, WI by Anna added 7-15-03

Chicago, IL by Susansuth added 8-03-03
St. Louis, MO/New Orleans, LA by Mngirlno  
added 1-23-06 & 10-20-08

Atlanta, GA by Trish

Buffalo, NY/Sleepyside by Kaye KL 


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