Writer Profiles

The idea is to have fan fiction writers discuss their vision of the Bob-Whites and give readers some background about themselves and how it relates to their writing.

Example #1:

Jane Doe

Stories include Mystery in Richmond, Afterburn, and Today's the Day

I've never seen Mart and Di together, so in my stories I have put Di with Dan and created a new girl for Mart whose name is Laura. Laura is a better complement to Mart, in my opinion, since they are both very smart and share an interest in agriculture. And I think Dan and Di could work on that poor boy/rich girl level. Not to mention they could bond over being left out of the stories! I also like exploring what happens to the Bob-Whites after they grow up. In my story Afterburn, for example, I have Honey embarking on a career separate from Trixie which causes some problems between them for awhile. But I think this is normal in any friendship. Also, Honey and Brian are very much together, while Trixie and Jim have been apart. Trixie is learning to be independent in every sense of the word. I do see Trixie and Jim together, but I want Trixie to have time to herself. This will be important in my future stories.

I've given the grown-up Trixie some character traits based on me. Can't help it, I always identified with her. She likes the same music I do (jazz), and we both love to drink root beer. I made Honey a social worker, because that's what I do and I know a lot about it. Honey is also very caring, so I think she might try something idealistic. When she finds out what hard work it is, it will be interesting (I hope) to see what happens!

Example #2 :

Susan Jones

Stories include The Last Time and Mystery at Crabapple Farm

First a little background on me: I started reading Trixie when I was eight and I especially liked the stories that took place in Sleepyside. I liked meeting all the locals; it seemed like a wonderful place to grow up.

I don't try and connect all my stories. I like the freedom of writing the Bob-Whites experiencing different things without carrying the baggage of an earlier story. I am a traditionalist, so I generally write the Bob-Whites as I remember them. But I may do some stories that aren't traditional, just for fun. I have some way-out ideas for their futures.

The above are only examples of possible profiles. You should feel free to tell people whatever you want about yourself and your stories in 400 words or less--no exceptions. You can always update your profile at any time.

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