Mystery Quiz Books

There were also two Trixie Belden Mystery Quiz books published. These were a lot of fun, though the puzzles and quizzes are not really Trixie related except in the intros. My favorite parts were the minute mysteries, the cartoon mysteries, and the short story in each book.

Mystery Quiz Book #1 (1980)

Front and Back covers of Mystery Quiz book #1

The above images provided by Jennifer Miller.

Mystery Quiz Book #2 (1980)

Front and back covers of Mystery Quiz book #2

Contents of Mystery Quiz book #2

What do you know about fighting crime?                     Soda-Pop Mix-Up
The Case of the Dominant Dame                                  The Case of the Two Winners (short story)  
The Case of the Uncertain Seating                               Regan's Helper?
Musical Mystery                                                              Famous Places in the United States 
Redheaded Thief (minute mystery)                              The Suspect in the Restaurant (cartoon mystery)
The Kidnapped Camper (cartoon mystery)                  The Money Jar (minute mystery)
Pirates and Pirate Treasure                                           Doodlers' Noodlers
Rodeo Clown (minute mystery)                                     Crypto-Trixie
Lost Letters                                                                      The Case of the Semi-Circular Suspects
Hardheads and Suckers                                                  The Case of the Phantom Shoplifter
Inscrutable Bedtime Stories                                           The Holdup (minute mystery)
The Suspicious Professor (cartoon mystery)                The Exchange Student (cartoon mystery)
Long-lost Grandson (minute mystery)                          Legends and Folklore
Batter Up!                                                                        The Shopper (minute mystery) 
Quickie Quiz #1                                                               Word Ladders
Bafflers                                                                             The Mysterious Map
Counterfeit Art                                                                For Superstitious Folk Only
Little Boys Gone! (minute mystery)                              Quickie Quiz #2  
Losers--and Winners                                                       The Exterminators (minute mystery)
What a State!                                                                    Stop, Thief! (cartoon mystery)
Tongue Tanglers                                                              Exploring Caves
The Missing Footprints (cartoon mystery)                    The Nephew (minute mystery)
Dining Room Thief (minute mystery)                            Trixie and Honey's revenge
Missing Partners                                                              Embezzler!
Di's Memory Sharpener                                                  Town-Square Mystery (minute mystery)
Trixie's Hidden-Answer Quiz                                         Cryptic Lists
Quiz for Cogitators                                                          Quickie Quiz# 3
Poor Loser (minute mystery)                                         Masquerade Mystery(cartoon mystery
Help!                                                                                  Stable Trouble (minute mystery)
Animals-Storybook and Otherwise                               Mystery of Thirteen Spaces
The Stolen Horse (cartoon mystery)                             Answers
The Fire (minute mystery) 
About Horses

Examples from #2

An excerpt from the short story The Case of Two Winners:

>Trixie took a deep breath and stepped out to look at the car's license plate: E37-142.

I knew it! Now if I can just get a look at the right fender...Trixie was halfway to the car, when a figure suddenly stood up on the other side. It was Jay Miller, a can of spray paint in his hand and a look of pure rage in his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" he roared. He came toward her threateningly.

I can't leave now, Trixie thought, not until I know...She ran forward and around Jay. His arm swung up, and a white mist exploded from the paint can.

"I'll get you, you little snoop," he bellowed.<

Here's one of the cartoon mysteries--due to a need to conserve space, it may be difficult to read all of it.