Ratings Guide

Trixie Belden Fan Fiction ranges from the wholesome to the slightly gritty. Some fans may object to the grown-up behavior of the Bob-Whites in certain stories (and have). This is why I have devised a ratings guide. Each story will be rated accordingly in an effort to give the reader a choice. I don't think any story here would be considered more than a PG-13 or TV Mature.

* = Traditional, good for all ages

* = Future story or may depart from tradition, for all ages

* = May contain adult themes (mild violence, mild sexual references)

* = Adult themes. May contain mild profanity, violence, and sexual references.


I split up the wholesome stories into two categories. One is traditional* which basically means the Bob-Whites are still teenagers. The other* is future story or departing from traditional. Future means the Bob-Whites are all adults. Departing from tradition could simply mean Trixie digs Dan not Jim. Both **are acceptable for all ages.

I split up the more "adult" stories into two categories also. This was a difficult task. One category* is for stories that may have some mild violence or mild sexual reference. The other* is for stories that contain profanity, violence, and/or overt or numerous sexual references. These stories would not be appropriate for everyone.

I do have some restrictions on profanity. There are certain words I will not accept. I have mentioned this individually to authors, but I realize I have to add this to the guidelines. The fan fiction was coming faster than I could think!

I will try and mention why each story was rated as it was. If you disagree with a rating, please tell me. I want to know what your opinions are. Also, I have not gone back through every story, so something may have been overlooked and rated incorrectly. Let me know if you find an error. Remember, these are ratings to alert people to what kind of story to expect--just a little caveat for them. I don't think any authors should change what they have been doing. You're the best!

And if you're thinking of writing a story, please see the guidelines.

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