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The Mystery of the Pirate's Treasure: Chapter 1 by Heather(Trix15) : * A return trip to Cobbett's Island yields a mystery.  last updated May 2004

Murder at Decem Acres: Part I by Michelle :  * Trixie in another time, another place--Elizabethan England. last updated Spring 2004

Tracings : Chs. 1-7  Chs. 8-14  Ch 15-20 Ch 21-26  Chs 27-34 Chapters 35-36  by Laura H. : * Still healing from a broken heart, Di befriends an eccentric puppeteer; Trixie copes with work and relationships. last updated March 2004

Fear: Part I Part II by Julia James : A visit to Anduril Hall promises a mystery while Trixie deals with growing up. last updated October 2003

A Springtime Mystery: Chapter 1  by Michelle : Mrs. Wheeler's past collides with her present. last updated August 2003

Sleepover at the Beldens: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 by Caroline : * The whole gang gathers at the Beldens for a sleepover and a chance at romance. last updated July 2003

The Mystery of the Midnight Arrival: Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5-7 Ch 8-9  Chapters 11-13 by Chelsea: * An expectant Trixie gets a surprise. last updated June 2003

Past, Present, and Future: Part One by Leslie  :  * Trixie's 21st birthday holds surprises. last updated June 2003

P.S. I Love You: Chapter 1 by Stephanie P. :  * Dan and Hallie are confused and hopeful about their friendship. last updated June 2003

The Mystery of Trixie: Pro., Ch 1-15 Chapter 16 by Jo :  * After an upsetting scene at the BWG clubhouse something terrible happens to Trixie. last updated January 2003

Best Friends Forever: Part One by Michelle : *  Trixie tries to reconnect with Honey. (off-site) last updated 2003

Stories that have not been updated in a very long time

(Stories not updated since 2001 were removed after July 20, 2005)

read at your own risk

The Mystery on the Beach: Chapters 1-5 by Mandy Floyd : *  Uncle Monty invites the Bob-Whites on a trip to South Carolina.  last updated August  2002

The Mystery of the Missing Marshal : Ch 1-5 Ch 6-10  Ch 11-13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 by Dani : *  The BWGs head to Nebraska where Ned Schulz is staying with his aunt and uncle. last updated July  2002

The Deal: Ch. 1-7 Ch. 8- 11 Ch. 12-13 Chapter 14 by Lori C.: * P.I. Trixie searches for a kidnapped child while Jim tags along. last updated July  2002

Canon in Sleepyside: Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter 3 Chapter 4: Part I by Anna : *  The stories you know told from a different perspective. (off-site) last updated July  2002

The Secret in the Ballot Box: Part I Part II  Part III Part IV Part V Part VI by Hannah : *  Trixie sets her sights on the school presidency. last updated April 2002

Dreams of Tomorrow: Chs. 1-2 by Bonni : * The girls' new pal Catlan triggers changes among the Bob-Whites. last updated January 2002

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