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Titles and Brief Plot Summaries for books #1-39

contains some spoilers

1. The Secret of the Mansion (1948)

Trixie Belden meets her new neighbor Honey Wheeler and they become fast friends. They notice something peculiar at the old Frayne mansion and discover a boy sleeping in the abandoned house. He is Jim Frayne and he is the grand-nephew of the deceased eccentric miserly old Mr. Frayne who used to live in the house. Jim ran away from his cruel stepfather, Jonesy. Supposedly, there is a treasure hidden in the house and Jonesy, who followed Jim to Sleepyside, wants it.

2. The Red Trailer Mystery (1950)

Trixie and Honey accompanied by Miss Trask take off in the Wheelers' trailer in search of Jim Frayne who ran away at the end of the last book. On Jim's trail, they come across another mystery involving a Red Trailer and its occupants.

3. The Gatehouse Mystery (1951)

note:  The Bob-Whites are formed in this book.

Jim has now been adopted by Honey's parents, though he retains his original name. He lives on the Wheeler estate, but has his own money in trust thanks to the fortune of his great-uncle as found in #1. This book focuses on the mysterious new chauffeur at the Wheeler estate whom Trixie just doesn't trust for some reason ... maybe because he looks like a weasel? In any case, someone keeps sneaking into the gatehouse and Trixie is determined to find out who and why and just maybe it has to do with the diamond she found.

4. The Mysterious Visitor (1954)

We meet Diana Lynch, schoolmate of Trixie and the gang. Once, she was just a regular middle class girl, but her family is newly rich and she's having trouble adjusting to the changes. Trixie and Honey befriend Di and before you know it a mystery unfolds. Di's Uncle Monty has reappeared after years of being separated from his sister, Di's mother, and living in Arizona. But Trixie thinks he's a big fake and can't help wondering if the Lynches' newly acquired wealth has anything to do with his arrival.

5. The Mystery Off Glen Road (1956)

Trixie launches a campaign to convince her parents she's feminine so they will give her the diamond ring Jim left her (book #1) and which she secretly plans to use as collateral for Brian's dream car. Meanwhile, the Wheelers' surly gamekeeper quits and Trixie and Honey assume his duties and soon fear that a poacher is loose in the game preserve.

6. The Mystery in Arizona (1958)

Trixie and the gang head for Di's Uncle Monty's dude ranch in Arizona. Trixie is only allowed to go on the condition that she work on her algebra, her very worst subject at school. The trip turns out differently than expected when the gang has to go to work for Uncle Monty after members of his staff mysteriously leave.

7. The Mysterious Code (1961)

After a rash of vandalism, the school board targets "gangs" for extinction including the Bob-Whites. To prove the B.W.G.s are a worthy group, Trixie whips up the idea of an antique show to benefit UNICEF. In the process of finding antiques to sell, Trixie discovers a key in the Wheelers' attic and its attached tag has a coded message upon it. After cracking the code the Bob-Whites adopt it. Later, Trixie and Bobby are robbed by three masked men as they are carting home an antique from Mrs. Vanderpoel . When the Bob-Whites report it to policeman Spider Webster, he brushes them off. But soon Trixie is convinced that someone has targeted Mrs. Vanderpoel's house to be burglarized for its antiques and maybe the antique show collection, too.

8. The Black Jacket Mystery (1961)

A tough new kid by the name of Dan Mangan arrives in town and starts living and working with Mr. Maypenny. Trixie becomes suspicious of who he is and if he's responsible for some bad things that have been happening around Sleepyside. Meanwhile, a catamount is loose on the game preserve.

9. The Happy Valley Mystery (1962)

Trixie and the gang head for Iowa to her Uncle Andrew's Happy Valley Farm. His sheep have been disappearing and Trixie is determined to find out what's going on. She knows it has something to do with a man with a black beard. Along the way, she impresses Ned Schulz with her basketball skills, meets twins Barbara and Bob Hubbell and becomes jealous of a pretty girl's interest in Jim. Oh yeah, and there's the matter of that flood...

10 .The Marshland Mystery (1962)

A child prodigy comes to stay with the Wheelers. Trixie and Honey go into the marsh to gather specimens for a school project. These two things add up to a mystery, of course.

11. The Mystery at Bob-White Cave (1963)

The gang heads to Uncle Andrew's fishing lodge in the Ozarks. Trixie gets everyone to go spelunking in hopes of finding some cave fish and winning $500 for charity. But it looks like there's competition from an Englishman, plus Trixie doesn't quite trust their guide. Throw in a "ghost" cabin and you've got another mystery for Trixie to solve.

12. The Mystery of the Blinking Eye (1963)

The gang stays at the Wheelers' deluxe apartment in New York City. While going to meet Iowans Ned, Barbara, and Bob's plane at Kennedy Airport, Trixie helps out a mysterious traveler who hands her a strange written fortune. Then, while window shopping with Honey, Trixie finds an ugly wooden statue she just has to have. Soon, she is being followed by menacing strangers

13. The Mystery on Cobbett's Island (1964)

The gang (except for poor Dan, as Trixie puts it, "Oh, jeepers! What's wrong? He's our newest member and it's not fair for him to miss out on the fun again...") heads for the Wheelers' vacation home on Cobbett's Island for some fun by the sea. While browsing through some books, they discover an old letter that indicates somewhere hidden is a chart that will lead to a small fortune meant for someone called "little Ed".

14. The Mystery of the Emeralds (1965)

Trixie discovers a letter from the Civil War in a crawl space at Crabapple Farm. It leads her and the gang (no Dan!) to Virginia to search for a long hidden emerald necklace. But the Bob-Whites aren't the only ones looking for the jewels.

15. The Mystery on the Mississippi (1965)

The Bob-Whites head to St. Louis with Mr. Wheeler. Dan gets to go! But Diana isn't along for this trip. Anyhow, Trixie finds a briefcase in her hotel room and the owner angrily takes it back. Suspicious after finding some crumpled up papers in the wastebasket, Trixie saves them for further examination. Soon, the Bob-Whites are being followed and menaced, even as they cruise down the Mississippi.

16. The Mystery of the Missing Heiress (1970)

Jim Frayne discovers he has a cousin, Juliana, an heiress to a small fortune and then she shows up in Sleepyside to claim it. Meanwhile, Trixie and the gang befriend an amnesiac young woman called Janie whom somebody seems to want to harm.

17. The Mystery of the Uninvited Guest (1977)

Trixie's beautiful cousin Hallie arrives at Crabapple Farm for a visit; she and Trixie have been rivals all their lives. Also, Jim's cousin, Juliana, is planning her wedding to be held at the Wheeler estate. Then, Diana's house is robbed, the first in a string of burglaries. Why does Dan seem so disturbed by it? And who is the mysterious Miss Ryks who wants to be invited to the wedding at Manor House? Trixie's got her work cut out for her.

18. The Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper (1977)

The gang plans to raise money to recopper the 200 year old grasshopper weather vane that sits atop Town Hall. When "Hoppy" is stolen, Trixie sets out to find out what's happened to the beloved piece of Sleepyside history. Could the nice, but strange, new teacher's aide, Miss Lawler, be involved?

19. The Secret of the Unseen Treasure (1977)

Somebody is trying to ruin nice Mrs. Elliot's flower business. Does it have something to do with stolen Social Security checks? And whatever happened to all the money Mrs. Elliot's late husband made? Trixie is determined to find out.

20. The Mystery off Old Telegraph Road (1978)

Honey's trouble- making cousin Ben Riker comes for a visit; Trixie and Honey meet Nick Roberts, a seemingly troubled young artist; and the gang plans a bikeathon to help the school art department raise funds. Then Trixie discovers a counterfeit bill which points to a possible counterfeiting ring at work in Sleepyside. Meanwhile, somebody is apparently trying to sabotage the bikeathon.

21. The Mystery of the Castaway Children (1978)

Somebody abandons a baby in Reddy's doghouse. Naturally, Trixie is determined to find out who did it and why. But the answer leads to another mystery involving a second child and a threatening note.

22. The Mystery at Mead's Mountain (1978)

The Bob-Whites head to Vermont to review a ski lodge that Mr. Wheeler is thinking of buying to turn into a "natural resort area". (Of course, Dan can't go!) While there, Trixie is confronted with a possible ghost, stolen objects, some very suspicious people, and an avalanche.

23. The Mystery of the Queen's Necklace (1979)

Trixie and Mart accompany Honey, Jim, and Miss Trask to England where they hope to trace the history of an antique imitation necklace Honey inherited. Almost from the start, they are followed by a pickpocket and after Honey is saved from being struck by a bus, the rescuer, one Gordie McDuff, ingratiates himself with everybody (especially Miss Trask!) except Trixie, who doesn't quite trust him.

24 .The Mystery at Saratoga (1979)

Regan, the Wheelers' groomsman, suddenly leaves Manor House. The gang, sensing he's in trouble, travel to Saratoga to find him, and it's up to Trixie to solve a crime committed years ago.

25 .The Sasquatch Mystery (1979)

The gang (sans Dan) go on a camping trip with the Belden cousins Hallie, Cap, and Knut. Before you know it, they meet Bigfoot--or do they?

26. The Mystery of the Headless Horseman (1979)

Diana Lynch's butler, the ever proper Harrison, is at the center of a mystery involving a missing Ming vase and the appearance of the Headless Horseman in Sleepyside.

27 .The Mystery of the Ghostly Galleon (1979)

When Miss Trask returns to her hometown, the gang tags along and stays at Pirate Inn, owned by Miss Trask's brother. Legend is that a ghost ship appears whenever something bad is about to befall the Trask family and sure enough, a ghostly galleon shows itself to Trixie and Honey and soon Mr.Trask vanishes, leaving the future of his business in doubt.

28. The Hudson River Mystery (1979)

Brian is poisoned and Trixie suspects his lab partner is responsible. Also, she spots a shark in the Hudson River! And then she meets an odd children's author who has a deep interest in sharks. What can it all mean?

29. The Mystery of the Velvet Gown (1980)

When Diana Lynch is cast as Juliet in the school play, it leads to threats and another mystery for Trixie to solve. It somehow involves the new Drama teacher and her strange boyfriend.

30. The Mystery of the Midnight Marauder (1980)

A vandal and thief is loose in Sleepyside and Mart Belden is among the suspects. Could Lester Mundy, the school prankster, be the real Marauder? But why is Mart being so mysterious lately? It's up to Trixie to uncover the truth.

31. The Mystery at Maypenny's (1980)

Mr. Maypenny's land is at the center of a controversial idea for factory expansion in Sleepyside. Meanwhile, the nephew Mr. Maypenny never met comes for a visit. And a case of botulism apparently breaks out among ducks on the game preserve but the real culprit may be all too human.

32. The Mystery of the Whispering Witch (1980)

Trixie and Honey make friends with Fay, a new girl in town, who lives at a mansion that is supposedly haunted by a witch's ghost. After the girls witness some "ghostly" activity, Fay confesses she believes she is possessed by the witch's ghost and Trixie becomes determined to help her new friend and discover the truth about the Whispering Witch.

33. The Mystery of the Vanishing Victim (1980)

The gang sponsors a hospital charity rummage sale and a Ford Model A is one of the donations, sparking Trixie's idea to have an antique car show at the sale. What's the mystery? Well, a stranger who stopped to help restart the car is a victim of a hit and run. He manages to mutter something about a "miser". Naturally, Trixie starts investigating. Then, somebody vandalizes the Model A leaving behind the note "Leave the miser alone". What does it all mean? Trixie is going to find out!

34 .The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire (1980)

Trixie finds a wallet on the side of a road and it turns out to belong to a missing millionaire. His daughter ends up staying at the Manor House; Trixie becomes very jealous of the time she spends with Honey and Jim, and soon she is suspicious of whether or not the woman is being completely honest.

The following plot summaries provided by Mark Baker:

35. The Mystery of the Memorial Day Fire (1984)

Instead of the normal fireworks, a building explodes. This would be enough for Trixie anyway, however, Nick Roberts, from book #20, is involved. His father worked at the warehouse, and is Sergeant Molinson's chief suspect. Meanwhile, Trixie suspects the newswoman who seems very interested in the case. She's hardly prepared for the revelation at the Wheelers' stable that leaves it on fire, too.

36. The Mystery of the Antique Doll (1984)

A neighbor in need of help gets Trixie involved in this one. This neighbor owns the property that the new antique store is on. Trixie thinks something strange is going on since there is little merchandise. Then, she and Honey are asked to pick up a doll while on a weekend trip to Paris (the advantage of rich friends). Soon, a French man is following them in Sleepyside. But for what?

37. The Pet Show Mystery (1985)

Trixie finds out from a classmate about the needs of birds in the area for food. She and the B.W.G.'s decide to put on a pet show to raise money to help in the cause. Their plans are being sabotaged, however. And there's that new charity in town.

38 .The Indian Burial Ground Mystery (1985)

Archaeology comes to Sleepyside when a dig starts on an old Indian burial ground. Meanwhile, art is disappearing and Trixie and Brian each have their own suspects.

39. The Mystery of the Galloping Ghost (1986)

Trixie, Honey and Regan are off to Minnesota to a horse ranch. Once there, they find that mysterious accidents have been going on there, all being blamed on a ghost. The owner is being forced to sell, and a woman who studies the supernatural shows up. Then, the prize horse and the owners only hope for keeping the farm afloat vanishes.


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