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Top Agent Jacqueline by Alexi : * Humorous time travel to save Trixie Belden books.

A Midsummer Night's Unfortunate Events :  * Strange events.


Mixed Emotions  : * Trixie and Dan hit a rough patch in their marriage.

*Ally wrote two stories for the TBH before she was killed in a car accident.  I'm keeping this story, her only completed one, posted since she was eager to share it with other fans.


New Year, New Beginnings : * On a snowy night, the girls wait for the guys to arrive from school.


Maybe He'll Notice Her Now  : * Honey feels neglected by her husband. (off-site)

What's Up With Trixie?  : * Jim's goodbye doesn't sit well with Trixie.

Sweet As Honey  : * Honey worries about Trixie, but also enjoys a visit from Brian.

Don't Mess With Diana  : * Rumors fly about the Bob-Whites.

Let's See Where This is Going  : * Trixie makes a decision about romance.

Emotions Running Wild  : * Honey is reluctant to face changes in the Bob-Whites.

What Is Going On?  : * The Bob-Whites learn disturbing information about Jim's girlfriend.

Trouble in Paradise  : * The Bob-Whites suspect Jim's girlfriend when they are victims of harassment. (off-site)

To the Rescue  : * Jim is in danger from his psychotic girlfriend. (off-site)

Prankster's Paradise : * A series of pranks disturbs the Bob-Whites.  (off-site)

Footloose and Fancy Free  : * The Bob-Whites prepare for a dance. (off-site)

Alone With You  : * Love at Thanksgivingtime. (off-site)

Manor House Arrest  : * The Bob-Whites stick close together for safety. (off-site)

Same Old Expectations  : * Trixie and Diana share the blues. (off-site)

Me, Myself, and Di  : * Di's moodiness causes her to lash out.

Changes  : * An encounter with another girl at a concert upsets a moody Trixie. (off-site)

Ten Thousand Angels  : * Diana is emotional at seeing Mart again. (off-site)

We're Really Not That Different  : *  Will Mart and Diana get together? (off-site)

All's Fair  : * The gang is wary of a new classmate. (off-site)

That's What Friends Are For  : * Honey and April don't know what's wrong with Trixie and Diana. (off-site)

Amazed : * Brian realizes how lucky he is to have Honey. (off-site)

The Dare  : * Accepting a dare has unexpected results for Trixie. (off-site)

In Love and War  : * An ugly rumor is started about Trixie. (off-site)

The Revenge  : * Trixie and Di hatch a plan to stop ugly rumors. (off-site)

Diana's Nightmare  : * Diana is upset by her mother's plan for her. (off-site)

What Now?  : * Diana indulges in some bad behavior. (off-site)

Making Amends  * Trixie confronts her mother and Mrs. Lynch. (off-site)

The Decision  : * Trixie and Ben Riker spend time together.

Welcome to My Life  : * Dan reflects on his past. (off-site)

Home for Christmas : * Diana returns with new friends to Sleepyside for Christmas. (off-site)

Somewhere I Belong  : * Dan meets a woman running from a troubled past. (off-site)

A Fun Time  : * The Bob-Whites share secrets and recruit a new member.  (warning: sexual reference) (off-site)

Di Hard  : *  Diana deals with a rival at boarding school. (off-site)

First Step to the End  : * Trixie and Diana make new friends in New York City. (off-site) ~for link to sequel, e-mail Amber~

Spring Break Beginnings  : * Trixie get a surprise as school lets out for Spring Break. (off-site)

Breaking the Habit  : * Jim deals with a break-up. (off-site)

end Amber


The President's Wish : * The First Daughter is kidnapped, and FBI agent Trixie Frayne is on the case!

Awakenings : * Trixie and Jim visit Jim's childhood home where he relives old memories.

end Amy

Amy K.

A Night to Remember* Jim panics when he overhears a conversation days before Valentine's Day.

The Dark Days of Summer: Part I Part II Part III Part IV  : The gang is on summer break and someone has made special  plans for one of them. (off-site)

Eye of the Storm : Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Epilogue  : *  As Trixie tries to cope with the events of summer, a storm hits Sleepysides.  (off-site)

You Are My Everything   :  * A recovering Helen Belden struggles with changes. (off-site)

When You Wish Upon a Star : * Hallie visits while Crabapple Farm has its annual Thanksgiving Open House. (off-site)

Home For the Holidays  :  * Everyone gathers at Crabapple Farm for Christmas. (off-site)

O Little Town of Sleepyside  :  * Future Bob-Whites spend a Christmas together. (off-site)

end Amy K.

Amy Lucas

The Darkness of Me  : * A traumatized Trixie returns home.

Facing the Dark : *  Trixie is plagued by nightmares.


Mystery in Hawaii: Part I Part II Part III * Jim and Brian's graduation leads to a big surprise for the Bob-Whites.

The Movie  : * Jim's too busy with school to pay attention to Trixie.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year  : * Trixie has a hectic shift at Crimper's department store. (off-site)

Painting Pictures :  * A special mystery awaits Trixie on a visit home.(off-site)

Jim Frayne vs. Dan Mangan   :  * A misunderstanding causes Jim to act uncharacteristically.(off-site)

Aurnia* Still struggling with his past, Dan faces a painful end to a relationship.(off-site)

Publishers, Lawyers, and Fan-Fiction, Oh My... : * Avengers-style tale as a Miss Wheeler and a Mr. Belden try to save fan fiction. (off-site)

Love and Innocence   : * A tragedy mars a happy time for Diana. (off-site)

The Happy Valley Games  :  Dot Murray meets the Bob-Whites. (off-site)

end Anna


Multiple Matthew Wheelers?  : * A strange woman claims to be Mr. Wheeler's wife


Sacrifice : * Trixie makes a tough decision as Jim graduates high school.

Lysistra-Di : * Inspired by a play, the girls hatch a plan to teach Mart a lesson.


A Presence in the Shadows : * Mr. Belden's friend's daughter Aimée comes to stay at Crabapple Farm.

The Haunting of Freer Manor : * Trixie is suspicious of a supposed ghost in an old house.

A Shower for Aimée : * Trixie, Honey, and Di throw Aimée a bridal shower.

The Case of the Missing Muffins : * A mystery for little Trixie Belden to solve.

The Mysterious Suitor : * Trixie is suspicious of the new man in Aunt Alicia's life.

Kidnapped  : * Everyone pulls together when Dan and Aimée's child vanishes.

end Angela


Keeping Up With the Joneses: Ch 1-8  Chapters 9-17  alternate ending by AprilW :  * Jonesy falls for Katje Frayne.

A Day in the Life of Moms  : * A mother's work is never done.

Boys Will Be Boys  : * What do the honorable male BWGs do while the girls have a slumber party?

The Mystery of Rip Van Winkle's Ghost   :  * Jim's cousin visits and  a mysterious figure appears in Miss Trask's window. Scooby-Doo crossover. (off-site)

Saccharine Sweet Revenge  :  * Someone plots against Trixie. (off-site)

Blue Christmas by  : * At Christmas, Andrew Belden remembers why he left Sleepyside years ago. (off-site)

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?  : * Bobby puts Jim and Trixie in a predicament.

Why Do Fools Fall in Love?: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII  : * Will Jim and Trixie ever move beyond fond glances? (off-site)

Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Part I Part II Part III Part IV  : * Trixie works as a P.I. in California. (off-site)

The Seashore Mystery by Rachel W (aged 8) : * An eventful trip to the seashore.(off-site)

The Patriots * A young soldier with a familiar name fights in the Revolutionary War alongside some other familiar names. (off-site)

Love's Journey: Madeleine's Story : * Honey's request takes her parents by surprise. (off-site)

At the Crossroads: A New Journey Begins  : * Jim meets Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler. (off-site)

My Boy: The Long Journey Home : *  Matthew Wheeler tries to bond with Jim.  (off-site)

Wood-Chopping, 101: The Past The Present The Future :  * * Three different looks at Dan Mangan. (off-site)

It May Be Winter Outside   :  * Trixie gets ready for lunch with Jim's  parents. (off-site)

Revelations  : * Insight into Regan's past. (off-site)

Riptide : * Regan is shocked to learn what his nephew has done.  (off-site)

end AprilW


Happy 70th Birthday, Trixie! * Trixie's family gathers to celebrate her birthday.


The Plan  : * Trixie regrets an argument with Jim.

Reunited : * Trixie is forced to face Jim on a visit home while also dealing with threats.

Taking Chances  : * Jim worries when Trixie dates Nick Roberts.

Mark Baker

The Mystery at Wimpy's : * Short-short mystery at the favorite hamburger spot.

The Lost and Found Mystery : * Dan falls under police suspicion thanks to incriminating evidence.

A Strange Day  :  * Everyone seems to have forgotten Mart's special day.

The Fight  : * Tensions erupt between Jim and Dan.


Sirene : Chapters 1-6   Chapters 7-13 : * A beautiful and unusual new student makes friends with with the Bob-Whites.

Tansy : Chapters  1-6  Chapters 7-12   : * Regan becomes curious about a strange young woman who has a gift with animals.

The Book of Be'al : Ch 1-2 Ch 3-4 Ch 5-6 Ch 7 Ch 8-9 Ch 10-11 Ch 12-13 Chapter 14 Chapters 15-16, Epilogue  : * An associate of Mr. Wheeler's is interested in a book he believes Tansy's aunt owns.


The Best Laid Plans  :  * Trixie and Jim and a dating plan.


Learning to Live Again: Part I Part II Parts III-IV Parts V-VII Parts VIII-X : * In the Ozarks, a heartbroken Mart meets up with Linnie Moore.

The Spanish Mystery:Pro.,Ch. 1-12 Chapters 13-20  Ch. 21-27 Ch. 28-30 Ch. 31-33 Chapter 34-35, Ep.  : * The BWGs versus terrorists in Spain

Right Here Waiting  : * Things get complicated as Jim flies to Spain to see Trixie.

The Lost Memory  : *  Not really completed, but not in progress either--another young fan's attempt at a mystery.

Dance With My Father Again  : * Young Jim Frayne remembers happier times.


What Lonely Is Like : * Dan makes a suggestion to the other Bob-Whites.


Agent Belden's Secret Assignment : * Trixie and a fellow FBI agent fly to Ireland.

The Valentine's Insanity  : * Trixie's least favorite holiday approaches.


Fighting Siblings  :  * When Mart's teasing goes too far, Trixie is comforted by Jim.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Belden : * Letters exchanged across the years explain the origin of Trixie's name. (off-site)


The Storm : * Trixie and Jim find refuge during a storm and confront the future.


The Beldens and the Bob-Whites #1 : * Relationships take a step forward.


A Night Out on the Town : *  Trixie's due date approaches.

Old Friends : *  Trixie is reunited with a special person.

See Me Through  : * A pair of Bob-Whites are lost in the preserve during a snowstorm.

Christmas Shopping at Crimper's  : * A trip to Crimper's becomes a terrifying experience.

I'll Be   : *  Trixie and Jim share a special day together.

Truth Doesn't Make a Noise  : *(adult situations + profanity)  Trixie and Jim have an argument.


I'm Thankful For You  : * Diana seems distant to Mart.

Weekend in New England  : *  Trixie and Jim spend a weekend together in his apartment.

One Step at a Time  : * Jim wonders if he waited too long with Trixie.

Second Step? : * Trixie makes a move before Jim leaves for college.

Fears of Tomorrow * Jim is uneasy after Trixie begins her new job.

All of Our Tomorrows  : *  Jim plans a surprise for Trixie.

100 Years to Live  : * Trixie and Jim share a lifetime.

I'll Be Home for Christmas by Cheryl : * Dan hopes Jilly will be with him for Christmas. (off-site)

Moving On : * Trixie and Jim take a step in their relationship, but which way will they go?. (off-site)  (sequel to Fears of Tomorrow)

With You, I Can Do Anything  : * Trixie and Jim's wedding plans go forward, but a threat appears. (off-site)

Seeking Perfection  : * Trixie stresses out over wedding plans. (off-site)

I Loved Her First  : * Peter Belden reacts to Trixie's marriage. (off-site)

The Closer We Get  : * Trixie discusses her concerns with Jim. (off-site)

end Cheryl


You Are the Love of My Life : * Trixie readies for her wedding to...

The Secrets of the Stalking Witch by Christine : * Trixie deals with mysterious threats and a stalking witch while facing a crossroads in her life.


Honey's Heart : * Honey overcomes her insecurities while helping a disabled child.


Never Second Best  :  *  The grown-up Bob-Whites help a young girl Bobby befriended.

Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgot? : Ch.1-2 Chapters 3-7 Chapters 8-14  :Someone from their past threatens Trixie and Jim; meanwhile, a friend of Bobby's is in trouble.

A Trip Down Memory Lane  : * Joeanne Darnell reviews her personal journal.

Mystery at Drake University: Chapters 1-10 Chapters 11-12   : * Linnie, Barbara, Bob, and Ned share an apartment and a mystery.


Home Is Where the Hurt Is  : * Trixie must face her past.

Mending Hearts in Maine: Part I-3 Part IV  : * Mart extends an invitation to Honey. (precedes Home Is Where the Hurt Is)

Today Is the Day : * A brief follow-up to Home Is Where the Hurt Is.



It's a See-crud  :  * Are Jim and Trixie ready to date?

Your See-crud and My See-crud  :  * Jim and Trixie try to keep their new relationship private.

I Always Keep See-cruds!  : * More people learn of Trixie and Jim's new relationship.

I Know a See-crud  : * A trip to Las Vegas turns surprising for Trixie.

An Honest-to-Goodness See-crud : * As the holidays arrive, Jim and Trixie reveal their relationship. (off-site)

Another See-crud? : * Mrs. Belden gives Trixie important advice. (off-site)

end CMW

Country Girl

Independence Day  : * Trixie plans to reveal her feelings to Jim.

Friendships and Brotherly Callings  :  * Other Bob-Whites react to Jim and Trixie's kiss.


Mystery of the Missing Child : * Trixie reunites with Jim to help find his missing student.

Mystery of the Missing Jewels : * Honeymooners Trixie and Jim help an elderly couple.

Deb S.

Viva Forever : * Trixie has high expectations for college summer break.


Mystery in the Heart of Dixie : * Detectives Trixie and Honey help the governor of Alabama

Dan's Secret : * Dan's odd behavior makes Trixie suspicious (short)

The Letter : * Trixie avoids reading Jim's letter.(short)

Trixie Gets the Blues : * Trixie feels lonely.(short)

Taking Chances : * Jim and Trixie reunite as the Bob-Whites are threatened.

diecastgal (see ozarksportsgal)


These are part of a continuing series:

#1 The Mystery of the Whispering Statue : * Trixie solves a mystery at the Sleepyside museum.

#2 The Mystery of the Haunted Mine : * Trixie and the gang visit the Belden clan in Idaho.

#3 The Secret of the Stone Wall : * Trixie tags along on a trip to visit Honey's relatives.


Summer's End  : * Brian and Jim prepare to leave Sleepyside. (off-site)

The Freshman's Dance Mystery  : *  Trixie and her date discover a mystery. (off-site)

Mr. Farmer's Story   : * Trixie and her friends try to solve a mystery involving a teacher.

Not in My Time or Your Time by El : * Trixie and Jim in a fairy tale. (off-site)

There Lived a Not-So-Wealthy Prince : * Fairy tale--Dan falls in love with a beautiful princess. (off-site)

Just Your Ordinary Mike  : * A typical day at Wimpy's. (off-site)

A Prince Was Looking For a Bride * Hallie Belden finds happiness in a not so distant land. (off-site)


Mysterious Surprises at the Local Art Show: Chapters 1-16 Chapter 17 by Elaine : * The signature on a painting at a local art show shocks Trixie and leads to a mystery.

Strangers in Creepy Cars  : * Trixie and her friends experience strange events as Halloween nears.


A Midsummer Night's Sleepover : * The girls try to determine their romantic futures.


When It's Meant to Be : * Will Trixie and Jim get together?


Truth or Dare : * Trixie and her brothers enjoy a campout together.

She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not : * Trixie has doubts as her wedding day approaches.

Love's Secrets : * Trixie faces disappointment; Honey meets her secret admirer.

Dangerous Assumptions : * Trixie doesn't trust Dan's new friend.

Mandy Floyd 

Happy New Year, Trixie Belden!  : * The Bob-Whites have a New Year's party.


Written in the Stars : * Wedding bells are ringing at Manor House.

I Won't Say It  : * Trixie won't admit her true feelings.

Teachers Take Over Sleepyside  : * School has become like a prison.

World Juniors  : * The BWGs attend hockey games in Minnesota.

Running Out of Time  : * The gang must rush to Trixie's aid.

Ginger Garland

The Loch Ness Monster Mystery : *  The Bob-Whites head to Scotland with Trixie's pen-pal.

Unchained Melody  :  * Trixie's emotions are mixed-up; at the same time a possible thief is loose at the high school.

Unchained Melody: The Sequel : *  Honey leads Trixie and friends to a mystery in the woods.

This Is It  : *  Diana searches for a certain something for her wedding day..


The One For Me: Part I  Part II Part III Part IV Part V  : * Trixie prepares to marry, but there are complications.

Bright Orange Pumpkins  : * Trixie and Jim visit a pumpkin patch, but Trixie's hoping for more than a pumpkin.


Shadows of the Past: Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5-7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Chapter 12 by GSDana : * Trixie must reconcile with her past in order to move towards her future.

The Disappearing Guest by "Ann Gables" : * Meet Kerry Lovedy, the creation of a young Trixie/Meg fan who grew up to be GSDana!


The Mystery of the Egyptian Poacher: Ch.1-11   Chapter 12; Epilogue    : * A mysterious man has business with Mrs. Elliot.

Marys Hansen

The Mystery of the Missing Mystery : * The strange and wonderful future of the Bob-Whites

The Mystery of the Hotel California  : * Dan seeks an exit from an unchanging world.

Turning Trix  : The Bob-Whites take an unusual camping trip in an RV.


Sleepless in Saratoga  : * Regan's perspective in The Mystery at Saratoga.

Secrets in South Dakota  : * Regan meets his in-laws when he accompanies his wife to South Dakota.


C'est La Vie or: Happy New Year! : * On a Christmas trip to Mead's Mountain, Mart and Di reach a turning point.

A Turkey Sandwich, Sixteen Candles and You   : * Trixie feels left out when the BWGs pair off.

The Southwestern Mystery  : * While the BWGs visit Arizona for Uncle Monty's wedding, Jim is followed by a stranger.


The Easy Life  : * Jim sorts through his feelings during a conversation with Knut Belden.

Thorough Thinking  :  * Various thoughts on the way home from Saratoga.

Have I Told You Lately?  :  * Brian and Trixie share a special moment.

The Depth of the River  :  * Matthew Wheeler and Jim's relationship during Mystery on the Mississippi.

The Beginning of the Beginning  : * Trixie writes a letter to Jim. (short)

The Mystery of the Glowing Ghost: Ch 1-9 Chapters 10-19 Chapters 20-21 Chapters 22-24 Chapters 25-26 Chapters 27-28 Chapter 29 and Epilogue  : * Four Bob-Whites vacation in Charleston.

Schoolhouse Rock  :  * After observing  Trixie and Jim, Brian reflects.

Dot Your j's  : * Differing perspectives on the Dot incident in Iowa.

Business For Pleasure : * Mr. Wheeler makes an offer to Mr. Belden.

Sky Rockets in Flight : * Helen and Peter Belden share an intimate moment.

Fireflies  : * Bobby seeks comfort and answers after a scary event.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head  : * Brian and Honey talk.

New Additions, New Leaves  : * Madeleine Wheeler is unsure about adoptng Jim. (off-site)

end Heather (Trix15)


You Are Beautiful to Me  : * Jim and Trixie share romantic moments.

Trixie's Secret in England : * Trixie begins a surprising career.

Trixie Belden: Kidnapped  * Trixie and Jim are disappointed by the reaction to their news.

You're Still the One  :  * Trixie and Jim have an anniversary.

From This Moment On   : * Trixie and Jim marry.

My Heart Will Go On : * Trixie nears the end of her life.

Unexpected Love  : * Trixie finds a new love interest.

end Hilary


Chemistry Lessons  : * Dan and Honey "study" chemistry together.

Chain Reaction  :  * Brian returns home for a visit, but things have changed.


The Secret of the Silent Groom: Chapters 1-5 Chapters 6-12 Chapters 13-19 Chapters 20-24 : *  Trixie's sixteenth birthday looms; Regan makes some startling plans.


Hidden Moments  : * Jim wonders whose picture is in Trixie's locket.


The Secret of the Rose : *  Jim and Brian graduate and the Bob-Whites take on a summer project while Trixie delves into Jim's family history.  (off-site)

Miss Bates' Puzzle  : * The Bob-Whites revisit Rosewood Hall to view its restoration.  (off-site)

The Trouble with Antonia   : *  Trixie's new college roommate is the reluctant participant in a mystery. (off-site)

Under the Apple Tree   : * Celia uncovers a puzzle from the past while gardening.  Sequel to Secret of the Rose.

Jayne M

Interview with the Danpire  : * A vampire tells his life story. (off-site; some graphic horror)

Beldenstein  :  * Mad scientists and vampires. (off-site, originally written for Jix; contains profanity, sexual references.)

Some Days You May As Well Stay In Bed * Things go from bad to worse for Mart. (off-site)

The Motel  : * Trixie, Jim, Mart, and Di take a wrong turn on their way to a secluded cabin a few days before Halloween. (off-site)

Bobby and Hayley  : * 8-year-old Bobby's developing relationship with a new girl in class. (off-site)

Jenni F.

I Don't Belong Here : * Dan reflects on his past with Trixie

Jill (franollie)

With Your Ghost : * Trixie, Honey, and Di share a house while attending college. 

A Flashback--and to the Left : * Another look at an incident from With Your Ghost.

To Last a Lifetime  : * Madeleine Hart makes a friend at camp.


Perfect Bliss?  : * Trixie and Jim await a special arrival.

Big Mistakes  : * Trixie delivers a special birthday gift to Jim.


Au Revoir  * Trixie and Jim deal with his leaving for college.

The First Weekend  : * Trixie is distracted by unhappy thoughts.


The Mystery at Lake Cheridan: Ch 1-7 Ch 8-9 Ch 10-11 Ch 12-13 Ch 14-16 Chapters 17-20 : * The BWGs vacation at a lake resort where Honey's life could be in danger.


You Never Know Who's the One : * Trixie gets close to Ned Schulz.


United We Stand, Divided, We'll Fail: Ch 1-14 Chapters 15-19   : * The BWGs have taken separate paths, but a shocking event may bring them back together.


The New Girl : * A new girl moves next door to the Wheelers. (illustrated)

Pajama Party : * When the girls have a sleepover, the boys have one, too. (illustrated)


The Wrigley Field Mystery : * The Bob-Whites in Chicago, helping the Cubs

The Opening Day Mystery (with Steph): * Trixie and the gang back in Chicago with the Cubs.

Karen C.

What They Couldn't Forget : * Jim sees a familiar face while in San Antonio, Texas.

Love on the Rocks : * Trixie and Jim take a big step when the Bob-Whites vacation in Texas.

Keeping It All in the Family : * Newlyweds head to Mexico for a honeymoon.

The Land of the Free... and Home of the Braves : * Dan chats with some special Braves fans.

When You Love Someone : * When Diana is accepted to study in France, Mart fears losing her.

One Week  : * After a year in France, Diana Lynch is coming home.


The Anniversary* The story of a special anniversary told by the child of a Bob-White.

Kaye KL

My Friend  :  * As Brian prepares to leave for college, he and Trixie share a moment.

Summer's Goodbye * Jim and Brian leave for college; the rest of the BWGs mark the end of summer.

It Comes Back at You: Chapters 1-11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13  : * Trixie's sophomore year shapes up to be eventful.

Trix and Riss   : * Trixie is grateful for her friends.

Helen and Peter  : * Helen Belden doubts her husband's parenting solution.

Mart  : * Mart wonders what Trixie is up to on Friday nights. {off-site)

The College Men  : * Jim and Brian share guy talk with college pals.

The Basketball Quartet  : * Trixie accepts  a friendly  challenge.

The Girls  : * Honey and Di get unexpected help when trying to cheer up Trixie. (off-site)

Kay Lynn

Haight's Island Mystery: Part One Part Two  : *  Trixie, Honey, and Diana find romance and danger while staying at a beach house.

Terror on the Rapids: Part I Part II  : * A rafting trip turns treacherous for four Bob-Whites.

Are You Sure You're Alone?  : * Honey is disturbed by strange calls while at home alone.

Too Close to Home: Chapters 1-4 Chapters 5-13 : *  Girls are being attacked and Trixie is suspicious of an old acquaintance

Things Are Not What They Seem : Ch. 1-15 Chapters 16-20 : * An old friend of Jim's may be involved in a crime.

The Escape: Chapters 1-4  Chapters 5-8  :  *  Trixie's attempt to recover from a loss leads her and her two best friends into danger.

Adventure on the High Seas: Chapters 1-4 Chapters 5-12  : * The Bob-Whites vacation in Key West and Trixie digs up a mystery.

Realities and Dreams : Ch 1-9 Chapters 10-15 Chapters 16-19  : * Trixie fears the return of Pierre Lontard.

The Stranger : Chapters 1-3 Chapters 4-7 Chapter 8   : * Trixie suspects she is being watched.

Darkness From the Past: Chapters 1-8 Chapters 9-14 : *  Shocking information about Jim's family surfaces.

The Mystery at Blueberry Cove: Ch 1-4 Chapters 5-8 Chapters 9-15 Chapters 16-23  :   * A trip to the family vacation spot dredges up an old mystery

The Baby Broker  :  * Trixie worries when Tom and Celia decide to adopt a baby.

Falling in Love  : * Helen Johnson is surprised to find herself attracted to bad-boy Pete Belden.

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays  : * The first Christmas together for newlyweds Helen and Peter.

The Honeymoon's Over  : * Newlyweds Pete and Helen hit a rough patch.

end Kay Lynn


Cassette Tapes, Reindeer, & Candy Canes   : * The Riley and Belden kids exchange audio letters. (off-site)


All I Want Is You : * Romance blooms between friends on vacation.


Modern Fairy Tales, Part 2  : * Dan shares his good news with his fmaily and friends.

Modern Fairy Tales, Part 3 : * Honey learns something important about herself.

Modern Fairy Tales, Part 4 : * The night of the Valentine's dance gives Trixie and Mart some princely moments.

Modern Fairy Tales, Part 5  :  * Jim struggles with taking action in his relationships.

Modern Fairy Tales, Part 6  :  * Two Bob-Whites finally get together.

Modern Fairy Tales, Part 7  :  * A reversal of fortune figures into this new "fairy tale".

Modern Fairy Tales, Part 8   : * A terrible loss brings Hallie and Trixie closer.

There's No Place Like Home  : * Part 9 in the Modern Fairy Tales series. (off-site)

There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 : * More in the Modern Fairy Tales series. (off-site)

Note:   Part I can be found with the Group Writing Projects.

You Can't Hurry Love (or Fan Fiction) Chapters 11-12 :* Another Modern Fairy Tale--this one focuses on Trixie and ... (off-site).

How Moms Got Her Name : * Christmastime with the young Belden family.

Even Bob-Whites Get the Blues: * Trixie is too ashamed and upset to go home. (off-site)

end Kris


The Mystery of the Amulet* Starfleet officer Bobby Belden comes to Trixie's aid.

Laura H.

Mysteries on Ice: Prologue, Ch. 1-10 Ch. 11-20 Chapters 21-28  Ch 29 Ch 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32; Epilogue : * Trixie's kid brother Bob suspects sabotage at an ice rink owned by Mr. Lynch.


Opening Doors : * A short mystery as the BWGs arrive in Mexico to visit Lupe and Dolores.

Souvenirs  : * Trixie is flattered by the attention of a handsome young man in Mexico.


The Rival  : * Trixie suspects a fellow cop is crooked; Honey and Brian's wedding day arrives.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do : * Trixie makes a difficult decision.

The Mystery of the Ballerina: Chapters 1-8 Chapter 9-12 Chapter 13-15 : * An evening at the ballet turns into a mystery; Brian and Honey have good news.


Project Graduation : * Younger Bob-Whites crash a high school graduation event (off-site)

The Mysterious Note : * Off-site story about Bobby and the Lynch twins' club (off-site)

The Unseen Attacker : * An attack on Jim unites the BWGs in a mystery. (off-site)

Nowhere to Go : * Brian and Honey commiserate about school and money.(off-site)

A Candle on a Winter's Night  : * Four friends room together and deal with the consequences. (off-site)

The Innocence Slips Away  : * The Bob-Whites return to Sleepyside on college spring break. (off-site)

Stronger : * Catching up with the Darnell family and their achievements.  (off-site)

The Mystery of the Tangled Roots : * The Bob-Whites make some startling genealogical discoveries.(off-site)

Home Again : * The Bob-Whites head back to Sleepyside on a semester break from college.(off-site)

Modern Love : * Trixie takes an unconventional path to marriage.(off-site)

The Mystery of the Missing Present   : * Trixie is perplexed by her strange, yet familiar,  surroundings. (off-site)

Halloween In and Out of School   : * It's Halloween in Sleepyside.

An Autumn Evening  : * Thanksgiving at the Beldens isn't perfectly perfect for one guest. (off-site)

After All  : * The girls' senior prom has arrived. (off-site)

Too Many Walls* Age and college place distance between some Bob-Whites. (off-site)

The Mystery of the Tapping Signals   : * Bobby and the Lynch twins encounter spookiness at Rosewood Hall. (off-site)

Nothing Lasts Forever  : * The Bob-Whites reunite with old friends. (off-site)

Eye of the Beholder  : * Thanksgiving at Crabapple Farm brings big news. (off-site)

The Mystery of the Missing Teacher Assistant  : * A teaching assistant Honey just met goes missing. (off-site)

The Hundred Year Old Mystery  : * The Bob-Whites tackle the mystery of a woman who vanished from college 100 years ago.

Sentimental Street by Leigh : * Several Bob-Whites reflect on the past. (off-site)

end Leigh


The Littlest Bird  :  * Bobby has a perfectly perfect day.  Originally written for Jix. (off-site)

Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Mything Methos: Prologue, Ch 1-2 Chapters 3-5  : * Trixie is on her own on a trip to Paris where she finds herself in the middle of the Immortal world. A Trixie Belden/Highlander TV series crossover. (off-site)

Cinderella  : * Matthew Wheeler wishes he could hold on to his little girl. (off-site)



The Groom   : * Regan has to accept that things change.

You Look So Good in Love  : * Trixie and Jim have an awkward encounter.

Since You Been Gone  : * Trixie prepares for a date.

Dreaming So Dangerous  : * Dreams of Regan make Adelle blush. (sexual references) (off-site)

Better Life  : * Trixie and Dan's news affects everyone.  (mild profanity) (off-site)

The College Response : * Jim slips up to the amusement and shock of others. (off-site)

Danny's Song : * Newly-married Trixie isn't feeling well. (off-site)

Green-Eyed Monster  : *  Regan makes a mistake with Adelle. (off-site)

Fall Into Me : *  Dan helps Trixie get over her break-up with Jim. (off-site)

Green-Eyed Monster: Part Two Part Three  : *  Adelle can't stop thinking about Regan. (off-site)

The Mystery of the Magical Switch: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Epilogue  :  * Sleepyside meets Hogwarts. (off-site)

end Lindsay


Coming to Terms * When Brian and Mart take summer jobs at a camp, Trixie worries her summer will be boring.

Lisa M.

Poor Little Rich Girl! : * Honey's life in the days leading up to when she first meets Trixie.


Second Chances  : * The Lynches' new governess shares a tragic past with a resident of Sleepyside.

Teenage Dream  : * Trixie is self-conscious about being nominated for Homecoming Court

Be Careful What you Wish For... : * An innocent fantasy turns into reality with the help of an old lamp.

Lori M.

A Second Chance: Pt. I Part II Part III : * Trixie and Dan meet again after several years apart.


Dancing the Polka Dot  :  * The real story of Dot Murray and Jim.

Picnics in the Rain : * Dot Murray's early years.


Trixie Get Your Gun : Chapters 1-5 Chapters 6-10 Chapters 11-14 Chapters 15-17 *  Trixie and Honey are determined to help Diana fend off trouble in the school play.


Welcome Home : * Tish Frayne and her parents return to Sleepyside.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait : * Trixie joins Mart at Ohio State, leaving behind someone special.


Time to Say Good-Bye : * The gang learns about Mrs. Wheeler's family tragedy


 The Scare: Ch. 1-4 Ch.5-6, Ep.  : * A crisis in the Belden family dredges up painful memories for Jim

Secrets: Ch. 1-2  Ch. 3-4 Ch. 5 Chapter 6 and Epilogue : * Trixie faces a threat from the  past

One Last Case : * Detectives Trixie and Honey help Diana; Trixie gets pulled into an FBI case.

The Mystery of the Missing Intern. : * As an FBI intern Trixie gets more than she bargained for after a tragic case.

Can't Buy Me Love : * Jim's new financial status unnerves Trixie.

The Air that I Breathe  : * During a separation, Jim and Trixie realize each other's importance.

Stay  : * Jim doesn't want Trixie to leave just yet.

God Bless the Child: Ch. 1-11  Ch 12  Ch 13  Ch 14-16 Ch 17 Ch 18 Ch 19 Ch 20 Ch 21 Ch 22 Epilogue  : * A child endangerment case reunites Trixie with Joeanne Darnell, now an attorney.

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic: Ch.1-4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 Ch 8 Ch 9 Ch 10 Ch 11 Ch 12-13 Chapter 14 & Epilogue : * Trixie's insecurity leads to a rift between her and Jim after he leaves for college.

Night of the Living Smush  :  * A short Halloween tale with the BWGs.

Come in From the Cold   : * Emotionally confused Hallie Belden disrupts Dan's relationship with Joeanne Darnell. (off-site)

The Secret Spaces of the Gods : * While enduring a difficult pregnancy, Trixie faces a family crisis.

The Business of Mankind : *   Mr. Lytell learns a Christmas lesson. (off-site)

Good Night ‘Til it be Morrow…In Bed  :  * The Bob-Whites gather after the death of a friend. (off-site)

end Mary

Mary C.

The Mystery at the County Fair  : * Trixie suspects a red-haired girl is following the BWGs around the fair.

School Days in Sleepyside * A Sadie Hawkins dance promises surprises. (off-site)

Estate of Mind   : *  Mr. Wheeler is tired of city life, and there's this place in Westchester County... (off-site)

Crossroads   : *  The Wheelers try to adjust to life in Sleepyside. (off-site)

Mary N.

Memories  : * Mrs. Wheeler shares the story of Honey's birth. (off-site)


A Trip to Minnesota : * Written in sixth grade, this story tells of a trip filled with happy events.


Making Lemonade: Part I Part II Part III  : * The Bob-Whites deal with unexpected events.

The Mystery Before Christmas: Ch. 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4  :  *  Honey is in danger


Secrets  : * Trixie moves away to keep a secret from Jim and the others.

Bobby  : * Bobby Belden is left behind again.

Please Don't Laugh At Me  : * Honey is upset by an overheard conversation.


That Night  : *  Trixie endures a night of terror.

Chopping WoodDan teaches Trixie how to chop wood ...

Cinderella, Bob-White Style  :  * Cinderella mixed with the Bob-Whites makes for a different kind of fairy tale.

Sleeping Beauty, Bob-White Style  : * A Bob-White flavored fairy tale.

The Mystery of the Guardian  : * There's  something not right about Martin's Marsh. (off-site)

end Moon-Spinner


The Case of the Stolen Book : * Trixie turns seventeen and gets embroiled in a library mystery.

Summer Beginnings  : * Trixie and Jim go on their first real date.


Hello. Goodbye. Can We Still Be Friends?  :  * The Bob-Whites go on a trip and Trixie deals with changing relationships.

New Friends, New Beginnings, & New Experiences  : * Trixie and Honey's first week of college; the contents of Dan's e-mail from Hello. Goodbye. Can We Still Be Friends? . (off-site)

A Little RISK with Friends  : * Sometimes RISK is more than a game. (off-site)

Revenge of  a Little RISK : Part One Part Two * Trixie's attacker is released from prison. (off-site)


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling  : * On St. Patrick's Day, Dan waits for a special someone.

As Real As the Air I Breathe  : * Trixie gets disturbing news about a loved one.

A Toast  : * Dan and Trixie are toasted by Dan's priest.

A Blessing in Disguise :* Dan has something important to ask Mr. Belden.

As Time Goes By  : * Trixie's prom plans change.

This Bird Has Flown  :  * Dan visits Trixie on his way to law school. (off-site)


Thank You! Thank You, Sam-I-Am by Pbahr : * Diana discovers a new talent at college. (off-site)


The Missing Coach* Spider Webster disappears; Mart and Di go to a dance.

Mysterious Mart : * Diana finds clues left by Mart.


The Mystery of the Missing Peanut Butter Cups   : * A Halloween mystery with little Trixie and friends.


October Changes : * A sudden death stuns the Beldens and their friends.

Terror   : * The Bob-Whites are stunned by the events of 9-11.

Next Chapter: Chs 1-3 Chs 4-6 Chs 7-8 Chs 9-10 Ch 11-12 Chapters 13-14 Chapters 15-16 Epilogue   : *  Trixie returns home after five years away; someone threatens the upcoming wedding of two Bob-Whites.


Beginnings  : * Trixie discovers a secret about her paternal grandfather. (off-site) (if prompted for password, use Di's favorite color)

Inside the Jacket : Part I Part II Part III Part IV  : * Dan's perspective on his arrival in Sleepyside. (off-site) (if prompted for password, use Di's favorite color)


The Mystery of the Missing Groom : * Regan's marriage plans go astray


All I Need to Know  : * Mart and Di reach a crisis point in their marriage

I'd Love You to Want Me : * Honey decides to take charge of a situation involving Jim and Trixie. (off-site)

The Lady Down the Hall   : * Dan panics when he discovers a letter from Ruthie. (off-site)


Letter to a Princess : * Mart tries to write a "love" letter to Di.

Keep Me Guessing : * Dan takes centerstage in this follow-up to Letter to a Princess.

Better Road : * Brian writes a letter home from college to Honey.

Don't Wait : * Honey receives flowers and begins to reevaluate some relationships.

Words Get in the Way : * Jim thinks Trixie is interested in Honey's new boyfriend.

...So Kiss Me, Stupid : * Trixie wonders why Jim is oblivious to her feelings.


The Spring Break Scam : * Bobby Belden and Larry and Terry Lynch in Florida and in trouble

Have You Seen this Child? : * A strange girl is attacked on the Wheeler game preserve

The Pleasure of Your Company : * Complications in the weeks preceding Brian and Honey's wedding.

The .001% Solution: Pro., Ch. 1-2 Ch. 3-4 Ch. 5-6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11  Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Chapter 14 and epilogue  : * When money goes missing from the Sleepyside bank suspicion falls on Mr. Belden.


Let the Games Begin  : * The quest for perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Just One Kiss  : * A sequel to Coming Home: Trixie makes a decision about Jim.

Coming Home  : * Trixie has to make tough choices about the people she loves.


The Mystery of the Missing Pitcher : * A Cubs pitcher has vanished!

Love's Full of Surprises : * Trixie and Dan fall in love, wed, have a baby

Together at Last : * Trixie and Jim admit their love, wed, have a baby

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16 : * Trixie turns sixteen and Jim's there to help celebrate.

A Chicago Love Story Part II Part III : * Trixie and Jim move to Chicago and live together.~

A Christmas Story : * Jim and Trixie at Christmas

Brian and Honey's Story : * Brian and Honey have their first date

It's Never Too Late : * Andrew Belden and Miss Trask become close

A Magic Night in Sleepyside : * The guys escort the girls to their prom

Birthday Celebrations : * Special moments in the life of Trixie Belden

Bobby's Future : * Bobby Belden makes it to the major leagues.

Different Kinds of Mysteries : * Jim hires Trixie for a investigative job and they become close.

Letting Go : * Trixie prepares to leave for college in Illinois.

The Mystery of the Missing Time Capsules : * Nell Frayne buries a time capsule for Jim

The Rest of Our Dreams  : * Trixie and Jim plan for a baby

Home Is Where the Heart Truly Is  : * Special moments with Trixie home for the holidays

Christmas Break  : * The Beldens and friends plan to attend the country club ball.

A Wedding  : * Childhood friends get married at last.

A Date  : * Jim and Trixie have their first date.

Generations of Moms  :  * Mother's Day becomes extra special this year.


Perfectly Perfect  : * As Mart and Diana wedding looms, one Bob-White is not invited.

Mystery at the Halloween Festival   : *  Honey and Trixie  get a surprise when they attend the Halloween Festival.

Steph H.

This Christmas Day  : * After five years away, a Bob-White returns to Sleepyside to deal with some unfinished business.

Wide Open Spaces  : Trixie's stunned by Honey's future plans.   (off-site)


The Mystery off Glen Road Revisted  : * The story through Jim's eyes.


Coin of a Different Color * Trixie's relationship with Jim places her in danger. (off-site)

I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?* Jim becomes of aware of changes in Trixie. (off-site)

Christmas Two-Five : * Trixie and Jim keep their annual Christmas date with a special twist. (off-site)


Mama Don't Preach : * Mart and Di have something important to tell their parents. (off-site)


Almost Too Late: Part One Part Two Part Three   :  After a terrible accident, Jim fears he could lose Trixie.

All In One Night   :  * Trixie turns to Jim for comfort after an attempted  assault.

The Morning After: Part I Part II Part III Part IV  : * Jim and Trixie deal with the consequences of their new relationship.

Is It Possible to PROMenade Alone?  : *  Honey worries about Brian and the prom.

Is This Heaven?  No, It's Iowa!  : * Trixie hopes Jim will make a move when the BWGs visit Iowa.


What's Old is New : * Honey's trip to Vegas with her college friends proves momentous.

Tonja (tonnieb)

A Smoky Mountain Mystery : * On a trip to the Smoky Mountains, Trixie finds a map to a special treasure.


How Arty Got His Name  :  * After Reddy's death, the Beldens learn he left something   behind.

How Can I Say Goodbye?  :  * Trixie says a final goodbye to a loved one.

Bob-White Mysteries Down Under: Chapter 1-6  Chapter 7 Chapters 8-9, Epilogue  :  * The gang heads to Australia.

I Can't Smile Without You*  Trixie only wants one thing for her sixteenth birthday.

Never Let Me Go: Part I Part II   : * Trixie is tired of waiting for Jim to get serious.

Valentine's Gifts and Tree Roots : *  Valentine's Day leaves a lasting impression on the Bob-Whites.

When the Hand Reaches Seven: Part I Part II Part III-IV, Epilogue : * Jim and Trixie's happiness is threatened by an old nemesis.

Seven Steps to Paradise: Parts 1-2 Part 3 Parts 4-7  :  * Jim gets advice from a poem.

I Only Have Eyes For You: Part I Part II Part III : * An accident causes serious injury.

A Step in the Right Direction  : * Trixie can't wait for her baby to be born.

When Time Stands Still: Part I Part II Parts III-IV : * Someone stalks the Bob-Whites.

A Hope that the Sun Will Rise : * Two old flames are reunited.

The Longest Night : * Honey is seriously wounded on the job.

When Two Worlds Meet  : * An incredible scientific breakthrough makes a special meeting possible.

When Two World Meet Again (with AprilW) :  * Another trip across time and fiction.

As Old As You Feel  :  * Someone is feeling his age.

Remember Me?  :  * Jim grieves, but a phone call changes everything.

Her True Beauty: Part I Parts II-III  : * Trixie is threatened because of her relationship with Jim.

Yesterdays, Todays, and Tomorrows   : * Trixie worries that she'll lose Jim.

Hold On to My Love  : * Jim and Trixie face someone's wrath.

A Hand that is Never Empty : * Trixie makes an important choice about Jim.

It's Not Easy Being Trixie  : * Detectives Trixie and Honey get an unusual client.

Reflections of the Past   :  * Jim's secretary has a secret.

Choices : * A fantasy--Princess Beatrix visits the earthly world for a month.

A Hand to Hold : * An arranged marriage may save Trixie.

end Treanna

Trish B.

All Alone: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3  :  *  Trixie and Jim are the targets of a Bob-White plot. (off-site)

Melissa Vanhanen

Trixie's Decision  : * Trixie is torn between Dan and Jim.

The Mystery of Diana  : * Trixie wants to know what's wrong with Diana.

An Angel Came Along  : *  An emotionally wounded Dan meets an old friend.

Writer X

The Windy City Mystery : * The Bob-Whites visit Diana's cousin in Chicago.

The Disappearance of Dan : * Dan has run away! Why?

The Wrong One : * Jim goes to Idaho and meets up with Hallie Belden. PG-13 according to Writer X.


Senioritis Strikes Sleepyside :* Trixie and Honey are asked to investigate when someone tampers with the school's computer.

Gone Horribly Wrong : * A school  prank turns ugly.

Time in a Bottle  : * Jim and Trixie go on a picnic for two.

Night of Silence  : * A terrible crime hits close to home for the Bob-Whites.

That's Amore : * The Bob-Whites travel to the Boston area to help find a missing statue.

Interlude No.1  :  A brief follow-up to Night of Silence (which was rated * ) .

Interlude No.2Another follow-up to Night of Silence which was rated *. (off-site)

Interlude No. 3  Another follow-up to Night of Silence which was rated *. (off-site)

Interludes 4-7  : Four more brief stories

end Yankeegirl


Another Year Has Gone By by Yiva : * Grandmother Trixie recalls her wedding day.

end Yiva


The Case of the Besmirched Brother : * Trixie has to clear Mart's name (short)

The Missing Key : * Another Trixie Belden knock-off by a young fan.  Not strictly a completed story, but not in progress either.

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